• J1 Marijuana Strain
  • J1 Marijuana Strain
  • J1 Marijuana Strain
  • J1 Marijuana Strain

J1: Consistently a ‘Go-To’ Morning Strain

J1 Hybrid (what's this?)

J1 (or J-1) seems to be popping up around a lot lately. Trust us, that is a good thing! This Sativa-dominant hybrid is sure to be more and more popular as the year goes on. J1 genetics consist of Jack Herer and Skunk #1, making this a delicious strain to wake up to.

The J1 Cannabis Strain Stems From Jack Herer & Skunk #1

You may notice Skunk #1 in a lot of popular strains. In fact, it is already in Jack Herer genetics, meaning this is actually crossed with itself. You see, Skunk #1 is considered one of the ultimate breeding strains consisting of an almost perfect blend of Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian genetics.

“J1 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an intoxicating aroma of citrus and frost.”

It’s believed to be an almost perfect 50/50 hybrid that effects the mind and body respectively. Skunk #1 is also known to have a sweet and sour flavor with fruity undertones, popular among patients everywhere.

So now imagine all of that mixed with Jack Herer (Sativa) and you end up with what is known as J1; A beautiful plant that produces frosty buds that smell just like classic Jack with undertones of citrus.

A smooth smoke session every time that creates a clear head-high filled with lots of uplifting energy making it great for combating depression and stress. We find it it to be very enjoyable and consider J1 to be one of our favorite wake and bake strains.

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