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LAX Disposable Vaporizer Pens Review

The LAX Vaporizer was developed in Los Angeles, CA and is made available by Maya E-cigs. What sets LAX Vaporizers apart from the rest is that they carry two different types of disposable vape pens: a wax/oil burner as well as a dry herb burner.

“The LAX Vaporizer comes in pink, black, white, silver, stainless steel, and blue.”

The pens come in pink, black, white, silver, stainless steel, and blue. In addition to the disposable options, LAX Vaporizers also carry a 2-in-1 mini rechargeable pen, for those who are looking for the convenience of both a wax/oil and a dry herb burner, but don’t need a disposable feature.

LAX Disposable Vaporizer Pens Review

A Disposable Vaporizer Pen For All Types Of Vaporists

Like I mentioned above, the LAX vaporizer comes in two different styles: one marketed with a burner for dry herbs and another 2.0 version, which is marketed for only wax, oil, or concentrates. Each pen is only about four inches long, and has a black rubber mouthpiece that fits into a metal filter which you unscrew to load with whichever product the pen is designated for.

Additionally, each pen comes with a packing and scraping tool, with a scoop on one side and a small weight on the other. These tools come packaged with many different types of vape pens, but in my experience, you can never have too many so I appreciate that each pen comes with one.

LAX Disposable Vaporizer Pens Review

Loading and Cleaning the LAX Disposable Vaporizer

In order to use the pen, all you need to do is load it and press the button to activate the burner. Loading the pen is quick, however only a very small amount of cannabis is needed. The packaging suggests loading the pen moderately, so when I loaded it, I did not pack the chamber tightly. You want there to be enough room in the chamber for all of the product to be burned through easily. When you press the button, the bottom of the pen glows blue. I noticed as well, when the burner gets hot enough, the arrows located at the top glow red with each pull.

Cleaning the LAX disposable vaporizer is simple: Unscrew the metal filter, empty the small chamber (if it is a dry herb burner), and you’re good to go. With the wax/oil burner, make sure all of the concentrate is vaporized, paying attention to the top of the metal filter, where some of the concentrate may have accidentally stuck to. If the atomizer has no residue around the coil, you’re set to load it once more with whatever concentrate of your choice.

How Long Will the LAX Last?

The battery has a lifespan of approximately 120 puffs, counted by every press of the button, whether you’re pressing the button yourself or not. In order to preserve the battery life and get the best use out of it, the company suggests only pressing the button when you are ready to inhale.

When the battery finally runs out of juice, the bottom light will blink and then will no longer power up. At this point, you can discard of the LAX pen, preferably at your local battery recycling center.

LAX Disposable Vaporizer Pens Review

My Experience with the LAX Disposable Pen: “The One-Hitter”

Upon arrival of the pens, I was quite intrigued by the concept of a disposable vape pen. I can see the reason why many consumers might lean towards a disposable option, but I found myself unsure about whether or not the pens would actually vaporize the material I loaded it with. The packaging left much to be wondered, but all of the components fit correctly and the button worked seamlessly. I liked how small and sleek the pens felt, they feel like they are manufactured very well. In a public setting, these pens work great. They are very discreet, and nearly foolproof to use.

The (dry herb) burner burns through the chamber from the bottom up, so after each hit, the chamber is cashed (burnt to ash). Because of this, I found that these pens only work best one hit at a time.

Still, my inital concerns were somewhat met with disappointment, seeing as the dry herb pens didn’t vaporize like I had hoped. However, the atomizer for the wax pen worked quite effectively. With that said, I still favored the dry herb burner to the wax/oil burner. The dry herb pens took a while to heat the chamber through, but with practice I was able to pull a substantial hit from each loaded chamber. The burner burns through the chamber from the bottom up, so after each hit, the chamber is cashed (burnt to ash). Because of this, I found that this pen only really works best one hit at a time. In some cases, it’s not a problem, however, for those who intend to use the pen as an on-the-go alternative may not prefer this style of disposable pen. This pen would do great while traveling when traditional forms of medicating are not available.

How The LAX Disposable Vaporizer Can Be Improved

Button Depression – The button on the pen can be easily depressed, often resulting in wasted battery life. If you’re like me (and keep your pen preloaded), you may want to note that sometimes the button may accidentally be pressed — wasting the product you packed the pen with. Other disposable pens such as the BlackoutX, as well as another type of rechargeable vape pen, the O.Pen, have technology that allows the battery to be activated on inhalation only and/or don’t come with a button at all.

Rubber Mouthpiece – The rubber mouthpiece can come off rather easily, and I actually lost a mouthpiece in my purse. If the mouthpiece and metal filter had some sort of groove to lock it in, it may prevent this issue from happening for other consumers.

Faster Coil Reaction – Both the dry herb and the wax specific pens took about 3-4 seconds to heat all the way up, which is why it takes practice to learn how to pull from the pen correctly. I found that it worked best if I pressed the button and waited for about 3 seconds before I began inhaling. A few times it felt like I might not have held the button for long, but you’ll begin to taste the

Burnt Taste – This is a common issue among many vaporizers with coil atomizers. Many of the terpenes are burnt off during heating because the setting may be too high. If you’re a terp lover, you may not be pleased with the taste these pens produce.

The LAX Disposable Vaporizer works great as a small, temporary, inexpensive personal vape pen.

I believe the LAX disposable vaporizer pen will work best for those who may only require a small amount of alleviation, such as quick nausea relief while traveling, or a small puff during a busy day. Because you’re only able to pull one hit from each loaded chamber, I don’t recommend the LAX disposable for social settings, but instead as a small, temporary, inexpensive personal vape.

LAX Disposable Vaporizer Pens Review

It can be marginally impractical to load such a small amount each time you intend to use the pen, but if it’s possible to have them pre-loaded, I believe these pens can work as a great pick-me-up.

Each pen is priced online at $12.95, which is definitely an affordable price for the quality pen you receive. They also come with a 30-day limited warranty in addition to a 30-day money back guarantee if purchased online. You can buy both types of LAX disposable vaporizers on the Maya E-cig website.

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