• Night Shade Marijuana Strain
  • Night Shade Marijuana Strain
  • Night Shade Marijuana Strain
  • Night Shade Marijuana Strain

Night Shade Might Make Your Jaw Drop

Night Shade Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Night Shade
    • Nepali Landrace
    • Indian Landrace

Where The Night Shade Strain Actually Comes From

It isn’t everyday I get to walk into a medical marijuana dispensary and get offered a smell from a jar filled to the top with fresh buds this purple. Developed by Barney’s Farm, the genetics of Night Shade are believed to be linked to a mix between the India (Indica) and Nepali (Sativa) strains.

I have to say, the name Night Shade is very appropriate for this marijuana strain; not only is each bud a vibrant shade of purple (just like the Night Shade flower), but also the effects are on the heavier side, causing most patients to fall asleep at night or find a way to relax during a stressful day. Considered to be roughly 70% Indica, this marijuana strain provides a nice peaceful body buzz that patients will definitely notice, especially when medicating in larger quantities.

“When I opened the full jar of Night Shade, the buds wreaked of mixed berries, fresh skunk, and undertones of haze.”

With an aroma and appearance this attractive, it is safe to say that the Night Shade strain would bring a smile to even the pickiest medical marijuana patients. The taste is similar to its smell; smooth, berry infused smoke on the inhale which reminds me of the Granddaddy Purple strain. So good… it will have you looking forward to the next hit.

On the exhale, you can really notice a haze taste. It is a much drier smoke filled with earthy undertones. When vaporized, the smoke from Nightshade is even sweeter; filled with a sugary fruity vapor reminiscent of Berry Kix cereal.

The Effects From The Night Shade Strain Are Heavy

nightshadeGreat to medicate with at any time of the day that you don’t have to rush around. Being a hybrid strain that effects both the mind and the body, Nightshade is being used to cope with chronic aches and pains, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, insomnia, lupus, muscle spasms, PTSD, stomach issues, seizures, sleep apnea, stress, and more.

After medicating with Night Shade for awhile, the effects definitely seem to be more on the Indica side of the equation (mainly affecting the body). Like most strains, the high starts in the head and is very exciting and Sativa-like. However, if you allow this strain to creep and/or continue to medicate, you will see how potent the Night Shade strain can be.

Typically testing at about 22% THC and around 1-2% CBD, its safe to assume that this strain is going to pack a punch. This high THC percentage will account for a noticeable increase in appetite, making Nightshade an ideal strain for medical marijuana patients looking to boost their hunger and maintain a healthy weight.

Interested in this strain? It is currently available to San Diego medical marijuana patients at the Freedom Farmers Patient Collective.

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