• LA Haze Marijuana Strain
  • LA Haze Marijuana Strain

LA Haze Strain By Gage Green Genetics

LA Haze Hybrid (what's this?)
  • LA Haze
    • LA Confidential x Kali Mist
    • Afghan Haze

LA Haze Strain: Bred By Gage Green Genetics

Genetically stemming from the mixture of (LA Confidential x Kali Mist) and Afghan Haze F2, patients can expect a very ‘Sativa-like’ experience when medicating with LA Haze.

This is because LA Haze is in fact, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain. As such, the effects of LA Haze are known to be very cerebral, euphoric and energizing.

This upbeat head-high gives patients a natural remedy for treating chronic migraines and headaches, as well as other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, andPTSD.

How Will The LA Haze Strain of Cannabis Affect Me?

LA Haze predominantly affects the mind when medicating in smaller quantities. When medicating in larger amounts however, there is a noticeable body buzz; this is most likely due to the Indica strain in its genetics, LA Confidential, which has been the winner of at least 4 cannabis cups.

“LA Haze predominantly affects the mind when medicating in smaller quantities.”

The Indica in the genetics of LA Haze make this medical marijuana strain an attractive option for patients seeking medication that provides pain management without the drowsy/heavy effects of stronger Indica strains.

Average flowering time for the LA Haze strain is roughly 9-10 weeks, with growers typically reporting that they are able to produce high to very high yields. Its intoxicating lemon skunk aroma, its sticky dank texture, and its ability to produce large yields are all reasons why LA Haze is becoming a new favorite strain among growers and patients alike.

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