• Orange Wreck Medicated Soda from Kushtown
  • Orange Wreck Medicated Soda from Kushtown

Orange Wreck Medicated Soda by Kushtown

Kushtown creates a line of medicated sodas available to medical marijuana patients for roughly $12/soda. Each soda from Kushtown contains concentrated THC oil, high fructose corn syrup, purified carbonated water, and natural flavoring. These medicated colas are available in a variety of flavors including (but not limited to): Strawberry Cough, Granddaddy Purple (grape), Phelps Aquatic Fuel (pineapple), Jack Herer (Cherry Emperors Lemonade), SD Fuel (fruit punch), and many, many more.

“The Orange Wreck soda creates an upbeat, full-bodied buzz that seems to start as a mild head-rush.”

Recently, I wrote a review for the Strawberry Cough soda as well as the Granddaddy Purple soda by Kushtown. In these reviews I spoke about my love for the great taste and idea of medicated soda, as well as my distaste for the use of high fructose corn syrup in all of their products.

I will try my best not to harp on the same subject over and over — just know that patients deserve and are demanding better. Many edible companies, such as the Dr. Robert’s company, even have special lines of edibles. They provide vegan and gluten-free options to patients — showing how important ingredients are to those who care what they are consuming.

Needless to say, I would still order these sodas from time to time to switch up the way I am staying medicated. This specific flavor tastes amazing but didn’t seem to have the strong kick that some of the other drinks have had. The Phelps Aquatic Fuel and Granddaddy Purple soda have both packed a stronger punch with more of a sedative effect in my personal opinion.

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