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August 20, 2014

Cherry Cannabis Quencher Brought To You By The Venice Cookie Co.
Available to MMJ patients in California, this Cherry Cannabis Quencher by the Venice Cookie Co contains roughly 1.68g of cannabis (72mg THC) and tastes a lot like fruit punch. Always Remember To Shake Well And Serve Ice Cold Working with a number of quality dispensaries, The Venice Cookie Co. provides cannabis infused products to medical cannabis patients throughout the state of California. I have had the pleasure of sampling a number of their products in the last couple of years and am always impressed. They are easily one of my personal favorite infused edible producers.

May 06, 2013

Phelps OG Aquatic Fuel – Pineapple Flavor
Kushtown makes Phelps OG Aquatic Fuel, which is a pineapple-flavored medicated soda with approximately 52mg of THC. The Phelps OG Aquatic Fuel is (in my opinion) slightly stronger, and provides more of a noticeable buzz than Granddaddy Purple soda, Orange Wreck soda, or even Strawberry Cough soda. This is most likely due to the heavy OG strain used to make the concentrated THC oil needed to make this soda medicated. “Although there is …

March 04, 2013

Orange Wreck Medicated Soda by Kushtown
Kushtown creates a line of medicated sodas available to medical marijuana patients for roughly $12/soda. Each soda from Kushtown contains concentrated THC oil, high fructose corn syrup, purified carbonated water, and natural flavoring. These medicated colas are available in a variety of flavors including (but not limited to): Strawberry Cough, Granddaddy Purple (grape), Phelps Aquatic Fuel (pineapple), Jack Herer (Cherry Emperors Lemonade), SD Fuel (fruit punch), and many, many more. “The Orange Wreck soda creates an upbeat, full-bodied buzz that seems to start as a mild head-rush.” Recently, I wrote a review for …

February 25, 2013

Strawberry Cough Soda by Kushtown
Strawberry Cough Soda by Kushtown provides patients with an easy way to stay medicated at their next meal. This strawberry soda tastes great and has absolutely no traces of marijuana in its smell or taste. The effects are fast-acting when medicating with liquids, especially on an empty stomach. After about 1 hour, the max effects began to set in with the standard full-body buzz. “Although it isn’t the strongest medicated soda, I did begin to feel the uplifting effects after just a few sips.” Definitely not the most potent drink or strongest form of medication… In fact, this …

February 22, 2013

Medicated Granddaddy Purple Soda Review
These cannabis-infused sodas from Kushtown come in a variety of flavors including Grandaddy Purple, Strawberry Cough, Micheal Phelps Pineapple, Orange Crush, and many more listed on their website. They are sold by Point Loma in San Diego for $12/soda, which I feel is a bit on the expensive side for just 1 drink… but still worth the investment if you want to give one of these a try. “The taste is almost identical to the standard Grape soda I grew up with. It literally has no cannabis taste or smell.” Some of …

December 21, 2012

Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Quencher By The Venice Cookie Co.
California medical marijuana patients looking for a fast-acting, delicious drink to medicate with might have found the answer to their prayers. A Sweet Tasting, Cannabis-Infused Strawberry Lemonade Infused with 1.68 grams of Cannabis Sativa (72 mg of THC), the Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Quencher from The Venice Cookie Co. is sure to pack a punch. The flavor is very similar to most strawberry lemonades I have come across — sweet and a little bitter. However, there is a noticeable cannabis flavor that reminds you to pace yourself appropriately. Remember to serve this drink ice cold and …

December 06, 2012

Cannabis Lemonade Popular in California
Lemonade is great by itself, but have you ever tried lemonade infused with THC? This Cannabis Lemonade from the Venice Cookie Co. is 16 fluid oz. of sweet and potent delight. Slightly sour lemonade; it contains 1.68 grams of medical cannabis in each bottle. It’s a Sativa-based drink, which means the company that made it used Sativa strains (that mainly affect your mind) to generate the THC content in each lemonade. We are not sure if they make this in Indica, but it would be a nice option for patients seeking pain relief without the harmful effects of …