• Platinum OG Marijuana Strain
  • Platinum OG Marijuana Strain
  • Platinum OG Marijuana Strain

Platinum OG Strain Packs A Powerful Punch

Platinum OG Hybrid (what's this?)

Available throughout several dispensaries in California, you may be lucky enough to stumble across this unique OG Kush phenotype, popularly referred to as Platinum OG.

Platinum OG Cannabis Strain Genetics

Although the genetics are vague and unconfirmed from the source, it is believed that the Platinum OG strain stems from the combination of Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unknown third strain — (some believe the Purps strain). None the less, this is a cannabis strain you will want to try.

“Considered one of the heaviest strains available to patients, Platinum OG is ideal for patients suffering from insomnia. Yawns and heavy eye-lids are inevitable.”

This genetic mix up (mostly strains of Kush origin) makes the Platinum OG strain ridiculously heavy, and usually boasts lab-test results with THC levels over 20%. However, because Master Kush has some Skunk #1 in its genetics, it would be incorrect to classify the Platinum OG strain as a 100% Indica strain when we know there is some Sativa hidden deep in its lineage. This is a good thing, because (at least for me) it helped provide a calm spaciness/fogginess of the mind, that really helps manage and end migraines.

Any pent up stress or feeling of anxiety seem to wash away within 30 minutes of medicating with the Platinum OG strain, and is followed by a deep wave of psychological relief that begins in the mind and ends with you laying down somewhere comfortable. The Indica in its genetics and high THC percentage makes Platinum OG a good strain for boosting appetite, as well as easing upset stomachs.

Platinum OG Is A Very Sweet OG Kush Phenotype

Each hit from the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer provides a smooth, vapor with amazing taste similar to most Kush strains. However, Platinum OG buds have a much more sweet and sugary aroma and taste than most other OG Kush phenotypes. This softness of the smoke, coupled with the piney earth undertones of ocean grown kush will have you excited and reaching for the bowl or vaporizer for the next hit. If it doesn’t, your batch of Platinum OG was probably grown incorrectly!

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