Sour Apple  Marijuana Strain

Sour Apple Strain: Pungeant Beyond Belief

Sour Apple Hybrid (what's this?)

Needless to say, Sour Apple was a very interesting strain to review. It had all the attributes of Sour Diesel with a much more fruity aroma that smells and tastes exactly like sour apple.

Sour Apple Cannabis Strain Stems From Cinderella 99 x Diesel

The effects begin very energetic and is an instant head-rush like any normal Sour Diesel smoke session. However, Sour Apple has a much more potent body high than you may be used to from Sour Diesel.

This batch of Sour Apple was lab tested at a hefty 21.5% Total THC, .6% CBD, and .2% CBN.

After the first or second hit of this strain and you will be in a perfect social (talkative) mood. Not even 5 minutes later, on toke number 3, we found ourselves planted and completely smashed on the couch.

Additionally, Sour Apple genetics include Pure Kush, which makes the high full-bodied and extremely noticeable for even the most experienced weed connoisseurs.

What To Expect From The Sour Apple Marijuana Strain

The easiest way to describe Sour Apple is that it speeds up your head and slows down your body. The perfect recipe for getting a lot of work done in one spot, while maintaining complete focus. After all, I designed the clean and minimalistic Medical Jane website you are reading this review on right now while self-medicating with the sour apple strain.

Sour Apple comes highly recommended to patients looking for a great afternoon strain that provides significant medication all over the body without any heavy mental crash.

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