• Tange  Marijuana Strain
  • Tange  Marijuana Strain

Tange Is A Citrusy Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Tange Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Tange
    • Tangerine

Tange, not to be confused with “The Tangie” by Reserva Privada and the DNA army, is one of the most distinctive strains we have come across to date.

From what we have collected, Tange is merely a renamed version of the original Colorado born strain, Tangerine. Although the true genetics are unknown, the result is a sativa dominant hybrid that is known to tote high levels of THC and produce a head-turning aroma.

The smell of the Tange is extremely sweet with heavy overtones of fruit — especially citrus

It was a one-off smell that we couldn’t stop sticking our noses in. The combination of the smells gave off an almost-cheesy aroma that was overwhelmingly pungent. When medicating with the Tange strain, the sweetness is really noticeable after each exhale. The taste seems to coat your nose and mouth and lingers for minutes after you exhale.

Tange created vapor that was reminiscent of Cherry AK, but with a citrus twist. It seems to be much sweeter than the other citrus-flavored strains we’ve had in the past, such as Tangerine Dream, Orange Crush, and Agent Orange.

The effects from the Tange strain are very relaxing and can be suitable for medicating during the day at lower dosages. This strain is extremely potent, I found myself putting down the first bowl about halfway through without even noticing. After only the first bowl, a soaring head high set in and it was as if I could feel the relaxation washing over my body.

Tange Is Best In Low Doses

I found it easy to get my work done on low doses of Tange. Although my body was relaxed, my mind was focused and I was content. I normally find myself constantly twitching or shaking a leg when I sit and do work for long periods of time, but this was not the case after medicating with the Tange.

However, after the second bowl I wanted to move over to the couch because my body felt so heavy. It was an interesting experience because the overpowering sativa effects caused my thought process to act up at the same time. My mind began to race, jumping from thought to thought quite rapidly. I found it to be quite distracting while trying to get work done.

That being said, Tange is best administered in small doses if you are looking for an uplifting daytime medication. It is also not a bad strain to relax with in the afternoon or when you are winding down at night before bed. The strong, long-lasting high provided by Tange is perfect for fighting depression and migraines, and is a great stress-reliever too.

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