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The Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen By Vaped

Although we are not the biggest fans of the portable vaporizer pens, the Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen offers a decent option for concentrates during those times on the go.

Vaped, a California company dedicated to making “every day a Vapecation”, retails their Micro Vaped Vaporizer starting at $69.99 on their website. Vaped makes a line of vaporizers that includes the Micro Vaped and their new Luxury Vaped V2 kit, which includes an LCD hit counter, a titanium coil and battery life display. You can pick this luxury kit up at the Vapelife Store for just $124.99.

The Micro Vaped is made of quality materials and you can feel the durability in your hand when you pick it up. At just an inch larger than a BIC lighter, this pen can fit just about anywhere. It is a convenient and discrete vaporizer for concentrates on the go. However, although it produces large hits of “vapor”, the taste is not always the best when the cartridges are more than a week or so old.

Mini Vaped Pen

Not to worry though, Vaped has you covered. They have outstanding customer service and are there to make sure you are happy. The company offers a warranty for one (1) year from the date of purchase under proper use as well. However, this excludes cartridges and any accidental damages (or misuse). For the price and convenience, this vaporizer pen beats out a lot of the other “micro” pens on the market.

What is the Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen?

The Micro Vaped Vaporizer is one of the many vaporizer pens used for concentrates and waxes on the market today. It is operated by a Lithium-Ion battery and uses a skillet cartridge system, similar to its close relatives. The Micro Vaped comes in an aluminum case with a 1-year warranty card, an instruction card, 1 battery, 1 skillet attachment (cartridge), 1 plastic mouthpiece, 1 metal mouthpiece, 1 dab tool, and a USB charger.

Micro Vaped Pen

Although we are not the biggest fans of these portable vaporizer pens, this one did catch our eye because of the charming design and branding. Unlike many of the other pens on the market, each piece of the pen has the “Vaped” logo on it somewhere.

The outside of the pen is coated in a smooth rubber sleeve and the pen itself is made of stainless steel, which gives it a solid feel in your hand. It definitely feels like a quality product. Vaped even offers completely stainless steel XL cartridges as well as a Glass Globe option, which reduces the amount of plastic and metal involved.

Each cartridge option is relatively similar in design, but differ in the surrounding materials encasing the skillets. The bowls that encase the coil and wick are made of ceramic regardless of the model of cartridge. All of the heating elements are the same in all three different style cartridges as well. Personally, we like to stick to the original cartridge.

While the unit is relatively easy to load, we found that the pen will only vaporize whatever is in contact with the actual coil. Therefore, we only liked to pack a little concentrate at a time in order to not waste anything. Like the other pens, the first hit is very tasty and is always smooth. However, after that first hit, reclaim seems to tinge the taste of every subsequent draw.

Micro Vaped Pen

Vapor Quality Is Not Its Strong Suit

The vapor produced by the Micro Vaped is hot on your throat and lungs and it definitely lacks the taste that can be achieved through other methods of vaporization. Like we have said in previous reviews of these pens with the coils, this is not our favorite way to vaporize concentrates…its like dropping your concentrate on a cigarette lighter in the car. It makes your vapor taste burnt, which makes us wonder if it can even be considered vapor (or safe to your health) in the first place.

Unlike the Cloud Pen and the microG, which use a similar coil heating element design, the Micro Vaped pen has more exposed coil wrapped around the wick causing it to burn hotter. This may have something to do with the hot vapor (not saying the Cloud or Micro G are any better or worse). However, you can get better results if you press the button for 2-3 seconds at a time instead of the full 10 seconds. This helps to keep the coil from getting too hot.

It is important to note that the Micro Vaped Cartridges are meant to be disposable and do not last more than a few weeks. Vaped realizes that and they actually make their replacements rather affordable. They are available in black, blue, orange, red, purple, pink, white, and green (so are the pens), and come in packs of five for $50.

Micro Vaped Pen

How To Use Your Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen

  1. Make sure your Micro Vaped is fully charged and screw the cartridge onto the battery
  2. Load your essential oils or concentrates into the cartridge using a dab tool, being careful not to hit the coil too much.
  3. Once your bowl is packed, screw on the mouthpiece and you are ready to vape.
  4. Press the button on the side of the pen 5 times to turn the pen on
  5. Press and hold the button down for as long as you want to inhale and breathe in. The pen has an automatic shut-off after 10 seconds of holding the button down. This typically provides for the perfect sized hit. After two or three draws your pen may need to be reloaded. To do so, just unscrew the mouthpiece and repeat steps 2-5.
  6. Once you are done with your session, press the button another 5 times to power down the Micro Vaped.
  7. If the battery dies during use, simply unscrew the battery and screw it into the USB charger to plug directly into your computer.

How To Use The Mini Vaped Pen

What We Like About The Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen

  • The pen is made with quality materials make the product feel sturdy and durable compared to a lot of the cheap metal or plastic vaporizer pens on the market.
  • The Micro Vaped is very affordable ($69.99) and the cartridges are cheap and convenient to buy as well (5 for $50).
  • True to its name, the Micro Vaped is extremely small and discrete, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.
  • Super simple to use and clean (soak all parts other than battery and cartridge in alcohol. Wipe threads clean of oil with Q-tip soaked in alcohol).
  • Comes in a number of different colors (black, blue, orange, red, purple, pink, white, and green)
  • Warranted for one (1) year for any manufacturer defects. Excellent customer service to address any Micro Vaped needs you may have.
  • Charges by USB, which is perfect for on the go use.
  • All pieces of the product are fully branded which makes the pen look more legitimate than some of the other generic rebranded Chinese products out there.
  • Produces large hits of vapor compared to other pens. Burns up your oils relatively fast, which is a good thing depending on whom you ask (personally we don’t like to slow cook our oils so that is a plus for this pen).

Our Complaints About The Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen

  • Cartridges begin to taste bad (like reclaim) after the first week or so of use because the un-vaped oil (reclaim) gathers on the bottom of your bowl and tinges the taste of every subsequent draw
  • While it may vaporize your oil quickly and produce a large cloud, it seems more like smoke than vapor in the case of the Micro Vaped. The oil burns hot and it may cause problems for those with sensitive lungs or throats. Not to mention it makes it hard to taste the true flavors of your oils.
  • The coil sits too high off the base of the bowl and doesn’t allow the vapor to drip onto it, nor does it get hot enough to vaporize the oil around it. This is what causes the oil reclaim build-up.

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