• White Fire Alien Marijuana Strain
  • White Fire Alien Marijuana Strain

White Fire Alien Strain: OG Raskal’s Cross

White Fire Alien Hybrid (what's this?)
  • White Fire Alien
    • Fire Alien Kush
    • Triangle (The White)

OG Raskal Crossed The White With His Fire Alien Kush Strain

When I looked into the origins of White Fire Alien, I came to the realization that it was bred by OG Raskal. He is a California-based grower and has been working with some elite genetics in recent years.

White Fire Alien‘s mother is The White, a clone-only hybrid that a grower named Krome is given the credit for. According to Krome, the strain’s true name is “Triangle” because it is a much debated, 3-way hybrid. However, most people refer to it as The White because of its trichome production. The buds are completely coated in white, sugary resin.

On its own, the Fire Alien Kush strain is a respectable hybrid. It is a cross of Fire OG and Alien Kush.

OG Raskal has created a complete line of genetics using Fire Alien Kush males. He has crossed it with famous clones like Kyle KushmansStrawberry Coughand Romulan Joe’s Romulan. When OG Raskal acquired a cutting of The White, he crossed it with his Fire Alien Kush male. And so, the White Fire Alien strain was born.

White Fire Alien Is A Powerful Indica-Dominant Hybrid

When looking at this strain, it didn’t take long for me to realize it was going to be potent. This particular batch was from MyGreenFast.com delivery service in Orange County and they did some really nice work growing it. The dense, compact buds were an inviting shade of light green and breaking up the flowers by hand showed the influence of The White. The inside of the buds were covered in powdery resin.

The aroma of the White Fire Alien strain didn’t blow me away. That being said, it did have semi-sweet undertones that I accounted to the Lemon Thai in the genetics of Fire Alien Kush, and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. The sweet, lemon taste really came through and I found myself excited for every inhale.

The White Fire Alien strain has a relaxing, stoney effect that is great after a long-day of labor and/or stress.

I found the White Fire Alien strain to be a great way to relieve any minor aches, as well as anxiety. After two hits, I realized all the muscle tension from a stressful day had disappeared. It had an extremely relaxing effect overall, and the OG Kush influence was obvious to me because of it.

Like most OG Kush strains, I found myself fighting off sleep if I medicated with this strain in large doses. Small doses, on the other hand, seemed to be perfect for those occasions when I needed to keep my mind from racing. After just 2 or 3 delicious hits I was free of any anxiety and ready to relax after a work-filled day.

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