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Veganic Cultivation Promises Better Potency, Bigger Harvests

Veganics Is True To Its Roots

In terms of cannabis cultivation today, it would be hard to find a bigger name than Kyle Kushman. His resume speaks for itself: Kushman is a 5-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Instructor at Oaksterdam University, and California cannabis consultant. Drawing from his experiences with growing, Kushman has helped develop a revolutionary growing technique called Veganics.

Kushman discovered Veganics in 2009 and began teaching it in his Oaksterdam Advanced Horticulture classes.

As with any influential movement, the Veganic revolution is best understood in the context of its beginnings. The movement’s figurehead, Kushman, has been cultivating organic cannabis for over 24 years and his experiences certainly affected his passion.

After submitting a few photo essays, Kushman was hired as a cultivation expert and staff journalist by High Times. It was there that his popularity began to build, similar to the likes of Jorge Cervantes and Danny Danko. Despite the success, Kushman left the New York lifestyle to get back to his roots as a cultivator. He wanted to experiment with organic growing again.

What Is Veganics?

When Kushman left the High Times camp, he began experimenting with different forms of organic nutrients. He found that in most cases, organic nutrients are from animal byproducts. It can be a long time before these composts are fully broken down and made available to the plant.

Even worse, there is residue left behind from the animal decomposition, as well as the plant’s metabolism. After a while, the residue builds up and effects the acidity (pH) level of the soil. This build-up is also the reason for the earthy taste you often experience in organically-grown flowers.

“No shit, I swear” – Kyle Kushman

What makes Veganics different is the source of nutrients. Instead of using animal-based composts, it only utilizes nutrients derived from plants. The reason plant-derived nutrients are beneficial is that they don’t leave behind any residue. Instead, it only leaves behind complex-carbohydrates and those will feed organisms in the soil itself. Since there is no residue, there is an improvement in taste. It also diminishes the need to adjust pH levels when used with veganic soil.

According to the inspiration came from the Canna company in the Netherlands. He started with their Bio-Terra Plus soil and line of organic nutrients. He then added humid acid to help with the nutrient uptake. Next, he added Mineral Magic micronutrients, and Calcium-Magnesium (Cal-Mag) to assist with high-yield situations. The next step was to add an enzyme (prozyme and hygrozyme are good examples) to help the breakdown process.

All of these additions certainly were beneficial, but the most important part of Veganics is the soil and the organisms that it houses. The best way to optimize the soil is the use of microbial innoculants, which use microscopic organisms (or microbes) to promote plant health. They can be used to help the plant build a natural resistance to diseases like root-rot and leaf spot.

Microbes From OG Tea Provide A Healthier Crop

Kushman knows that the best veganic cannabis comes from soil with a healthy variety of microbes and its because of this that he turned to OG Tea, a company that has developed “the best microbial innoculant in the world,” according to Kushman.

“The passion for Veganics is strong… Before you know it, it will hold the bar.”– Jeff Webster, Founder of OG Tea

If you happen to be as well-connected as Kyle, then you might be lucky enough to get ahold of all 3 of OG Tea’s products. For the rest of us, however, there is one option available as of now. The OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce is an all-in-one microbial tea. It is highly soluble and is useful throughout the growth cycle. The best part: the Special Sauce can be used from the early vegetative stage up to the last week of flowering.


The cocktail of microbes are mainly beneficial bacteria that are awakened when introduced to water and air. You simply add 1-3 Tbsp. of mix per gallon of water and let the mixture aerate for at least an hour. When you do this it increases the amount of bacteria that makes antibiotics for us, but its important not to aerate for longer than 24 hours. Otherwise, the pH of the soil will drop to dangerous levels.

Jeff Webster, the founder of OG Tea, turned to gardening as a response to his troubles with allergies and Asthma. They cause him to be sensitive to residue from chemicals and pesticides, and started growing his own food and herbs. In his search for the cleanest, purest crops possible he learned about Veganics and pursued it passionately.

Where Is Veganics Being Used?

The passion behind Veganics truly has helped it involve into a movement, and for good reason. We live in a time where people everywhere are pushing for a more “natural” lifestyle and environmental awareness. It’s because of this that Veganics has taken hold and the Kyle Kushman camp doesn’t show signs of stopping.

In addition to the other OG Tea products in waiting, Kushman is set to release a line of his own veganic nutrients. He also plans to drop an instructional book and DVD on the topic of Veganics.

In the meantime, Kyle Kushman Veganics are available exclusively at Buds & Roses Collective in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by; you won’t regret it when you see their award-winning strains.

At the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup this year they took home 2nd place in Best Sativa for their VeganicGhost Train Haze #1, 2nd place in best hybrid for the Veganic Tahoe OG, 1st place in best hash for their Lemon OG Solvent-less wax by BAMF Extractions, and 3rd place for best edible for their Strawberry Lemonade by The Venice Cookie Company.

At the Denver Cannabis Cup in April they won 1st place for their Veganic Girl Scout Cookies, 2nd place for their Veganic Strawberry Cough, and 3rd place for best US Hash for their Lemon OG Solventless Hash by BAMF Extractions.

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Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is a 5-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Instructor at Oaksterdam University, and California-based cannabis consultant. Drawing from his experiences with growing, he has helped develop a revolutionary growing technique called Veganics. He …