Yoda OG Marijuana Strain

Yoda OG: Get Really Medicated, You Will

Yoda OG Hybrid (what's this?)

Yoda OG is genetically linked to a special phenotype of OG Kush. That is pretty much all that is known about this strains lineage. Keep in mind it is fairly common for OG strains to have a mysterious lineage, as the OG Kush strain itself is known to have a couple of legends of its own.

“Sweet-tasting, expansive smoke reminscent of OG Kush that seems to really help patients fall asleep at night.”

Regardless of where it comes from, Yoda OG is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that has a very heavy feeling associated with it. Being a hybrid, you can expect this medicine to affect the body and mind simultaneously; instantly making your limbs and eye-lids heavy. Yoda OG emits an aroma of pine, lemons, with undertones of kush.

yodaConsidered very euphoric medicine that tends to be popular among patients for helping with anxiety, migraines, and stress. Also usually makes people very, very tired after just minutes of medicating, making this a good strain to help battle insomnia. As most OG strains, we prefer to medicate with Yoda OG at night to relax before getting a really good nights sleep.

This batch of Yoda OG has very stoney effects that are most similar to Skywalker OG, Tahoe OG, and Planet X OG to name a few. For more heavy-hitting strains, you may want to check out our top 5 night time strains of 2012 post.

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