How much cannabis do you need to make a cup of cannabutter or oil?

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Last updated: May 31st, 2016

It is important to note that this will depend largely on how potent you want your infused product to be, and the potency of the material you are cooking with. Generally speaking, the lower the quality of your product, the more you will have to use to get the same effect. For example, if you use stems, you may have to use several ounces (three to six) to make a moderately potent cup of butter. If you use fan leaves or sugar leaf trim, you will have to use less, probably closer to two or three ounces.

If you decide to go with shake, plan on using about one and a half to two ounces more, and if you are going for the gusto and using your primo buds, you should only need an ounce or so. Here is a simple formula you can use to figure out how much product you will need to make a cup of butter or oil: Rate the cannabis you plan to use on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being top-shelf buds and 5 being the stems of the plant), and then use that number of ounces of cannabis per cup of butter or oil.

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