How is medical marijuana packaged and sold?

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Last updated: June 3rd, 2016

Cannabis is typically weighed, packaged, and sold by the gram, eighth (⅛), quarter (¼), half (½), and/or 1 ounce (frequently referred to as a “zip”). The amount of cannabis you should consider purchasing at any given time is dependent on a variety of factors, including, but not limited too, how much you smoke/vape/cook with on a daily basis, your desired use-case [vaporizing or packing your bowls take significantly less cannabis than rolling joints, etc.], the quality of the bud in question, and your budget at the time.

There is an obvious cost-savings when investing in larger quantities of cannabis, but many first-time patients will not need more than an eighth (⅛) of cannabis to last them for a few days [or even weeks for those who rarely medicate]. As such, it is recommended that first-time patients start low [1 gram – 1 eighth] -eventually working your way up to larger quantities as you become more and more familiar with the amount of cannabis that you personally need.

NOTE: Under current legislations, medical marijuana patients make “donations” rather than “buy” medicine when obtaining products through a licensed dispensary or caregiver.

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