What grade or quality of cannabis should be used for infused edibles?

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Last updated: May 31st, 2016

Some medical marijuana patients prefer to use sugar leaf trim in their infused edibles rather than buds because the flowers tend to be very absorbent, making it harder to extract the infused oil from them later. Others believe that the large amount of trim you must use (two to three times more than if you were using flowers) to create an edible of equal potency negates the benefits.

In truth, you really can use any part of the cannabis plant (except the root balls) to make your infused oils. This is because the cooking process helps to extract the cannabinoids from inside the plant, not just the trichomes on the surface. However, like most things in life, “you get out of it what you put into it.” If you make your infused product out of leaves, you can expect it to taste a little like leaves. If you make your edibles out of top-shelf flowers, then the aroma and taste of your butter (and anything you cook with it) will show it.

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