What is the best recipe for making marijuana infused cannabutter?

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Last updated: June 1st, 2016

When you’re making cannabis infused butter (cannabutter), the key thing to remember is “low and slow” (eg. low temperature and a slow cook time). Infusing the butter with medical marijuana over low heat for several hours, never allowing it to boil, allows for full activation of the THC without scorching the herb or wasting material.

Important: If you are looking for a more pyschoactive effect (eg. the high commonly associated with THC), then it is recommended that you completely decarboxylate your cannabis before cooking with it. The ‘decarbing’ process ensures the cannabinoids are activated and no longer in their acid-form (THCa, CBDa, etc…).

You can use any kind of unsalted butter you like, though we find that using high-quality, organic butter provides a better effect and taste. This is because high-quality butter has less water and foreign substitutes, essentially guaranteeing you with a higher yield. Your finished butter will have a green tinge to it because of the cannabis.

If you are new to cooking with cannabis, and you’re not sure how much cannabis to use or don’t understand the process, be sure to read our cooking with cannabis guidelines to ensure you know the basics before you get started.

Click here to learn more about making cannabis infused butter.

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