• Elite OG Marijuana Strain
  • Elite OG Marijuana Strain

Elite OG Marijuana Strain Review

Elite OG Hybrid (what's this?)

As a medical marijuana patient in California, there is a good chance you will come across a variety of OG strains during your time as a patient. This is fantastic news. However, it can be considered daunting for new MMJ patients who may be unfamiliar with the subtle differences between each cannabis strain. Especially when comparing OG kush phenotypes.

“It takes time, patience, and money… to really sort through all the different types of strains available to you as a medical marijuana patient in California.”

To really learn about the plant and get a grasp on all of its unique attributes and characteristics, you must give the bud the attention it deserves. Not only before the medicating session — but during and after. Otherwise, you will end up getting a bunch of OG strains that all seem to “make you tired” or “smell like pine.” Believe me, there are a lot more OG Kush phenotypes that don’t fit into that categorization.

Understanding The Differences Between OG Phenotypes

With so many OG Kush phenotypes to choose from, how can you be sure you are finding the perfect match for your ailment or desire? There is no easy answer, but the best advice I could give is to go by your nose and ask the bud-tender or grower for the specific genetics to help you better understand where the strain comes from. This will help immensely, if you can trace its lineage back to a strain you are familiar with. ie. Skywalker OG has Blueberry in its genetics, which is one of my favorite Indica strains. I know what to expect with its blueberry flavor, sweet aroma, and soothing body high.

Although most strains deriving from OG Kush are very similar in many ways, there are major differences that exist when analyzing them on a plant by plant basis. For example, you may notice this when comparing Tahoe OG, a fruitier OG Kush phenotype that puts you to bed in minutes, with SFV OG, a sativa-dominant Hybrid is known to relax your mind & muscles without making you as tired.

Elite OG Provides A Psychological Wave Of Relief

Elite OG on the other hand, has a much sweeter aroma than the Tahoe or SFV OG, with strong spicy/pine undertones that filled the entire room within seconds of opening the container. I can only imagine an entire jar of this… ridiculous. The taste of Elite OG is very similar, containing a sugary coating that is sure to satisfy those with a sweet-tooth. Only on the exhale does your taste buds get to experience the rich pine undertones most OG strains are known for.

The effects are fast-acting and very noticeable when medicating with Elite OG. Expect a severe head-rush followed by a heavy body melt great for coping with stress, anxiety, or insomnia. As with most other strains that derive from OG Kush, Elite OG has the ability to make you very tired and care-free; one of the reasons I keep this strain for night-time use only.

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