• Jah Goo Marijuana Strain
  • Jah Goo Marijuana Strain
  • Jah Goo Marijuana Strain

Jah Goo Creates A Stress-Free Environment

Jah Goo Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Jah Goo
    • Light of Jah
    • Afgoo

The Jah Goo lineage is rumored to stem back to the combination of Afgoo (Indica-dominant) and Light of Jah (Sativa-dominant), making this strain a 50/50 Hybrid.

“Jah Goo didn’t seem to have the heavy effects that most Indica-dominant strains have, making us believe there is a good chance that there is more Jack Herer influence in its genetics than its given credit for.”

Despite other review sites saying that Jah Goo is Indica-dominant, I am forced to believe the Jah Goo strain is a much more balanced 50/50 Hybrid with stronger Sativa influences than one may expect. In fact, the entire medicating (at least for the first hour or so) was very Sativa-like.

The effects from Jah Goo are extremely uplifting, helps you stay razor-sharp focused, and is sure to create a long-lasting buzz that can be felt mostly behind the eyes. Let’s take just a second to review the genetics of Jah Goo, to get a better idea about how this strain came to be.

What The Afgoo Strain Brings To The Equation

Originating from Africa, Afgoo is the offspring of Afghani #1 (Indica) and Maui Haze (Sativa). The blend of these two legendary strains creates a nice full-bodied medication that is long-lasting and relatively easy to grow. Known to produce a deep, rich berry aroma and flavor that has undertones of pine and hash.

What Light of Jah or Jack Herer Brings To The Equation

Unlike Afgoo, the Light of Jah strain tends to be Sativa-dominant and is considered to be a phenotype of Jack Herer. To be more exact, the rumor is that the Light of Jah strain is actually the last version of Jack Herer to be successful stabilized, and is supposed to be the best version of Jack to-date.

With genetics stemming from Skunk #1, Haze, and Northern Lights, its safe to say that the Light of Jah (or Jack Herer) brings a soft, sweet, and flavorful smoke into the equation. It also is responsible for the clear-headed high that seems to take over the mind for a slowww but stress-free 2 to 3 hours. This makes Jah Goo a good option for patients looking to cope with anxiety, depression, and chronic stress disorders like PTSD.

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