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VapeXhale: Vaporizer Startup Aims To Change Public Perceptions About Cannabis

We are at an interesting juncture as far as the American cannabis industry is concerned. Some people seem hesitant to discard the counter-culture appeal that the cannabis community has maintained thus far. Others see normalizing cannabis as the only way to move forward.

Jessica Riley, Director of Operations at UpToke, expands on this idea in her recent article, “Inspiring Top Talent to Join the Legal Cannabis Industry.” She argues, and I would have to agree, that “normalizing cannabis culture goes hand in hand with decriminalizing cannabis.”

Sharing in this perspective is VapeXhale CEO, Seibo Shen. Accordingly, he has dedicated his life to changing the way people think about vaporizing cannabis.

Seibo Shen: Cannabis Enthusiasts Will Advance The Industry

seibo shen vapexhaleA life-long vapor enthusiast, Shen founded VapeXhale after a successful career working in the tech industry. He is not alone in his decision to leave a promising career in another industry for “greener pastures.”

Still, it’s his understanding and respect for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis that Shen believes will set VapeXhale apart.

“It would be near impossible to put Starbucks on the map without a deep appreciation for coffee…”

Referencing Jamen Shively, founder of Diego Pellicer, Shen contested at the recent Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino that many people jumping into the industry right now aren’t passionate enough about the plant to make the sort of impact they’ve promised, regardless of financial backing.

Building any successful brand is a labor of love. It would be near impossible to put Starbucks on the map without a deep appreciation for coffee, and Shen feels the cannabis industry is no different.

VapeXhale & Innovation: A Labor Of Love

Sure enough, the VapeXhale founder says he was turned on to vaporizing cannabis as early as 1997. Shen then took it upon himself to convert his friends, who always seemed more interested the traditional means of smoking. According to him, the classic vaporizer design (with whips, plastic bags, etc.) was unfamiliar to smokers and they were hesitant to make the switch.

“If you create the healthiest device but no one uses it, then it’s not very helpful.” – Seibo Shen

Shen says this phenomenon played a major role in developing the Cloud EVO, VapeXhale’s flagship vaporizer. “If you create the healthiest device but no one uses it, then it’s not very helpful,” he explains.

With this in mind, Shen and his team designed an attention-grabbing product for life-long cannabis enthusiasts and die-hard health nuts alike. What makes this vaporizer so unique? Well, Cloud EVO utilizes glass hydratube technology that delivers the health benefits of vaporization without losing the classic appeal of smoking through a glass water pipe.

Some will contend that adding water to the fold is unnecessary. However, Shen explains the method to his madness as such: vapor will naturally dry out one’s throat over time. The Cloud EVO addresses this issue through moisture conditioning (i.e. allowing the vapor to pass through water).

As for those avid vaporists who are concerned that adding water will reduce the flavor, don’t you fret. Flavor loss (from water filtration) is typically a result of essential oils being intertwined with tar, which becomes trapped in the water, and much less tar is released during vaporization.

VapeXhale has gone to great lengths to optimize their product’s functionality, and it shows. The Cloud EVO uses an all-glass vapor path that provides for a healh-conscious vapor session. This is combined with the product’s patent-pending PerpetuHeat System (PHS) to deliver thick, flavorful clouds of vapor.

vapexhale cloud evo

VapeXhale Has High Ideals For Vaporization, Legal Cannabis

Buzz has been building around the company since launching the original VapeXhale Cloud in late 2012. The vaporizer took first place in the SF New Tech‘s December 5 showcase for innovative technology. It was the first award of many, including a few from various HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups.

I was shocked to see that the Cloud EVO did not receive an award at the recent Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. However, the company sold 30 units at the event on Saturday alone – quite impressive when you consider the base price (around $450).

Further, everyone who tried the product over the weekend left the VapeXhale booth with a smile on their face and a new perspective on vaporizing cannabis – a fact Shen takes great pride in.

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