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Snakes In The Grass: Stay Informed And Spread The Word
It has been said time and time again, the cannabis industry is changing (and fast). The Weed Activist shines light on this change in a recent column, noting that “we are in a strange matrix in time where cannabis fluxuates between legal and illegal, as well as understood and misunderstood.” While the history of cannabis business shows that acceptance for the plant is spreading throughout the nation, the fact remains that it is still illegal under Federal law. So, there is limited oversight …
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The Secret Cup: Expert Hash Makers Compete For The US Crown, Bragging Rights
There’s no doubt about it. Cannabis concentrates are becoming more popular everyday. It seems like every booth at events like the LA Medical Cannabis Cup has some form of sample dabs available to draw more attention. So, it only made sense when a group of hash makers decided to pursue a competition of their own. Now in its third year, the Secret Cup has earned a reputation as one of the best events the cannabis industry has to offer. What really makes the competition …
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VapeXhale: Vaporizer Startup Aims To Change Public Perceptions About Cannabis
We are at an interesting juncture as far as the American cannabis industry is concerned. Some people seem hesitant to discard the counter-culture appeal that the cannabis community has maintained thus far. Others see normalizing cannabis as the only way to move forward. Jessica Riley, Director of Operations at UpToke, expands on this idea in her recent article, “Inspiring Top Talent to Join the Legal Cannabis Industry.” She argues, and I would have to agree, that “normalizing cannabis culture goes hand in hand with decriminalizing cannabis.” …
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Run 2 The Cure: Upcoming Documentary Continues The Cannabis Extract Conversation
Editor’s Note: Justin Kander is webmaster of the Phoenix Tears organization and author of the Comprehensive Report on the Cannabis Extract Movement, a 100-page report that examines and analyzes the mounting evidence in support of cannabis extracts as medicine. On February 10th, 2008, Run From the Cure was released to the public. The documentary featured a Canadian named Rick Simpson, who boldly claimed that cannabis oil could cure cancer and nearly any human disease.
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Beware of Project SAM: A Group Created To Halt Any and All Legalization Efforts
Kevin Sabet, a former White House drug policy advisor, is the co-founder of a group that goes by the name of Project SAM – which stands for ‘Smart Approaches to Marijuana’. However, they are completely anti-cannabis. As we stated in our previous article, when asked his opinion on the two new legalization bills, Sabet criticized them stating, “These are really extreme solutions to the marijuana problem we have in this country… The marijuana problem we have, is a problem among kids, and stigma of people who have a criminal record.” The group was formed under President Obama to directly counter …


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