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Corporate Involvement In Using Cannabis Medicine To Treat Cancer
The knowledge of using cannabis to directly treat cancer has been consistently growing over the past several years. Advocating primary cancer treatment with cannabis rather than just mitigation of symptoms has historically been relegated to fringe activists, with virtually no acknowledgment from mainstream drug policy reform organizations or corporations. In just the past few months, that has all changed, and the involvement of legitimate institutions in developing cannabinoid-based anti-cancer drugs brings new credibility cannabis extract movement. Public Companies Move Toward Cannabinoid Medicine GW Pharmaceuticals, …
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Alan Brochstein of 420 Investor Speaks About Investing in Cannabis Stocks
As we know, cannabis is in the process of going commercial. Whether you think that it is a good or bad thing is a discussion for another time, but the fact remains that there will be a great deal of money made in the industry. Factor in the prospective winners (and losers) on cannabis-related stocks and those numbers begin to be a bit staggering. I had a chance to catch up with Alan Brochstein, founder of 420 Investor, last week, and he offered …
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Cannabis Goes Commercial: What Does It Mean For The Industry?
At this point, Americans are pretty much in agreement that cannabis will be legal at some point. In fact, a poll released by the Pew Research Center earlier this week revealed that 75% of those who participated in the survey believed that to be the case. It’s only a matter of time. Another sure bet is that the cannabis industry will experience a great deal of change – it’s happening already. Venture capitalists and angel investors are seriously considering the cannabis sector these days (e.g. Privateer Holdings).
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X-Tracted Implements The Science Of Producing Quality Cannabis Concentrates
There is no shortage of concentrate makers, although the level of quality can differ greatly. There are a few reasons for this difference, but the best concentrates often have a way of making themselves obvious. This is certainly the case with X-Tracted, which is considered by many to be one of the best extraction companies in the nation. Based in Washington State, X-Tracted is the parent company of the Refine Seattle brand. While they don’t enter many competitions, they have built a reputation for their devotion to quality and attention to detail. X-Tracted: The Difference …
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Greenbridge Corporate Counsel: Business Law For The Legal Cannabis Industry
As cannabis becomes more accepted in the mainstream (i.e. Weed 2), investors are looking for ways to make their mark on the developing industry. But as the saying goes, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.” With the increasing flow of dollars into the legal cannabis industry, entrepreneurs are doing something that seemed out of the question a few years ago – hiring corporate lawyers. Greenbridge Corporate Counsel is among the leading law firms in the country advising lawful medical cannabis …
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RODAWG: Bringing Class & Sophistication To Cannabis Industry Branding
Although it is an ever-present necessity, packaging is an often overlooked aspect of the cannabis industry. For the most part, legal cannabis is dispensed in plastic pill bottles, often without a child-resistant cap, and only a select few dispensaries, cultivators, and hash makers seem to put much effort into branding. With that said, traditional pill containers are far from aesthetically pleasing, and they are often used in the black market. Further, pill bottles can stir up bad memories for medical marijuana patients who may have had bad experiences with pharmaceutical drugs in the past. New packaging solutions will surely emerge …
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Boveda: Optimizing Cannabis Storage Through 2-Way Humidity Control
While it may not be something that your average medical marijuana patient thinks about, the way that you store your cannabis can greatly affect its quality. Growers and dispensary owners have to take great care to make sure that their cannabis is properly dried and then stored in in the proper conditions to ensure maximum quality. In fact, many experienced cultivators will tell you that curing (storing/aging your cannabis) is the most important part of producing connoisseur-quality flowers, and it can be the hardest to master. With that said, Boveda (formerly Humidipak) has developed a solution that can make long-term …
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Steep Hill Halent: Setting High Standards For Lab Testing Cannabis
It’s no secret that we here at Medical Jane are huge proponents of lab testing cannabis. There are a number of reasons really, but first and foremost it allows patients to have the peace of mind that their medicine has been screened for safety. With that said, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the cannabis testing industry is no different. Steep Hill Lab, the nation’s first cannabis testing facility, opened in California during 2008. It has grown quite a bit in the time since, and …
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MANTIS Ad Network: Technology Startup Aims To Revolutionize Advertising for the Industry
LA-Based Technology Start-up Offers Dedicated CPC Ad Network For Ancillary Cannabis Companies Over the past year or so, the Medical Jane team has experimented with different outlets in search of a way to effectively grow our website’s traffic and expand our voice. However, we ran into one hurdle after another. The big guys like Google and Facebook do not play nice with cannabis-related content (even ancillary products), and as such, we began to feel trapped. We knew that we couldn’t be the only ones who felt this …
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Snakes In The Grass: Stay Informed And Spread The Word
It has been said time and time again, the cannabis industry is changing (and fast). The Weed Activist shines light on this change in a recent column, noting that “we are in a strange matrix in time where cannabis fluxuates between legal and illegal, as well as understood and misunderstood.” While the history of cannabis business shows that acceptance for the plant is spreading throughout the nation, the fact remains that it is still illegal under Federal law. So, there is limited oversight …


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