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Common Sense Improvements Proposed for New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Program
A lawmaker in New Mexico wants to make some minor, yet important changes to the state’s longstanding medical marijuana law. New Mexico’s medical marijuana program was first approved in 2007, but has seen very little changes or improvements to the program in the ten years since. But now, State Senator Cisco McSorley (D-Albuquerque) has filed a bill, Senate Bill 8, for the state’s 2017 regular legislative session, which starts this week. The bill is aimed at helping improve the experience for patients by making some common sense changes to the law. Possession and Cultivation Limits Increased The …
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New Mexico Senator Introduces Legal Cannabis Initiative For Adult-Use
SANTA FE, NM — According to a release from the Drug Policy Alliance, New Mexico Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D-12th District) pre-filed Senate Joint Resolution 10 (SJR10), a ballot initiative that would legalize cannabis for adult-use. “New Mexico’s voters should be given the opportunity to decide on this issue.Other states’ experience can help us formulate an approach that will end the problems created by prohibition…” – Sen. Ortiz y Pino Following the lead of states like Colorado and Washington, Senate Joint Resolution 10 would allow for cannabis consumption and possession for …
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Survey Reveals Medical Marijuana Shortage In New Mexico
Medical Marijuana Demand Trumps Supply In New Mexico Licensed medical marijuana producers in New Mexico are having difficulties meeting the supply demands of the state’s growing patient population, according a recently released survey. In fact, a number of producers have been forced to ration their supplies to certain patients, and even turn others away. “The program has encountered two notable issues: limited supply and inflated cost.” The survey was commissioned by the New Mexico Department of Health and conducted by an independent contractor. It included around 6,750 responses, with participants ranging from age 19 to 83. The average respondent was …
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The New Mexico House Committee Advances Bill That Will Decriminalize Marijuana In New Mexico
The New Mexico House Committee approved a bill Tuesday that would reduce penalties for the possession of small amounts of cannabis. House Bill 465 was approved with a 3-2 vote, and is now on its way to the House Judiciary Committee. New Mexico State Rep. Emily Kane (D-Albuquerque) introduced House Bill 465 earlier this month. Currently, possession of up to one ounce of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor with fines attached and possible jail time. Under the proposed legislation, the possession of up to 4 ounces is limited to a civil penalty, …


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