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Ohio Becomes 25th Medical Marijuana State After Gov. Kasich Signs HB523
Governor John Kasich has signed into law a bill that will make Ohio the 25th medical marijuana state, although the new law is not as comprehensive as a now-defunct ballot proposal would have been. Under the new law created by House Bill 523, home cultivation of cannabis and the smoking of medical marijuana remain prohibited — although whole plant cannabis will be available at dispensaries for vaporization purposes, making the “no smoking” limitations a policing quandary. New Bill Fast-Tracked to Avoid MPP’s Neccessary Revisions The bill was fast-tracked through both chambers of the Ohio legislature last month in a …
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Ohio Medical Marijuana Bill Clears Ohio Lawmakers, Goes to Governor Kasich
A very restrictive medical marijuana bill, known as House Bill 523, is close to becoming law in Ohio. The measure cleared the Ohio Senate by just three votes, and the House followed by approving Senate changes 67-28. In an interview with the Late Show’s Stephen Colbert last November, Gov. Kasich said he would support medical marijuana legislation as long as it was properly written and there was a need for it. “If the experts come back and say, ‘We need this for people who have seizures,’ I’m for that,” Kasich told Colbert. Lawmakers hope the bill is …
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Ohio’s Bid for Legalization Goes Up In Flames: Top 3 Reasons Issue 3 Burned
Despite a $20 million campaign, voters rejected an amendment to the constitution that would make Ohio the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana. A blow to marijuana legalization nationwide, other states should take note of what happened. Issue 3 was more than a legalize or don’t legalize debate and the ballot measure divided even those who are pro-legalization. An overwhelming majority opposed the issue (about 65 opposed compared to 35 in favor). Many of the opposed actually support legalization, however they refuse to allow the voting process to be used to incorporate a business plan into legislation that seizes …
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Upcoming Ballot Initiatives Determine The Fate of Cannabis in the Buckeye State
On Nov 3, Ohioans are being asked to vote on ballot initiatives deciding the fate of legalizing medical and recreational marijuana at the same time – at least for now. Depending on the outcome, lawsuits are sure to ensue, and the final decision could be tied up in the courts for years. State Issue 3 “Grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes” Earlier this year, the pro-legalization group ResponsibleOHio filed …


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