• Black Diamond Marijuana Strain
  • Black Diamond Marijuana Strain
  • Black Diamond Marijuana Strain

Black Diamond: Blackberry X Diamond OG

Black Diamond Hybrid (what's this?)

What Are The Genetics Of The Black Diamond Strain?

I knew that I was in for a treat when I considered the genetics of the Black Diamond cannabis strain. It is a clear Sativa-dominant hybrid with genetics that include Blackberryand Diamond OG, a personal favorite of mine when it comes to OG Kush strains.

One thing that I have come to expect from hybrids involving Diamond OG is a smooth smoke that often takes on the characteristics of the other strain involved in the cross. Two great examples of this are Green Diamond(heavy Green Crack influence) and Blue Diamond (reminiscent of Blue Dream).

The Blackberry strain has long been hailed for its taste, which inspired a great deal of excitement when I realized it was crossed with Diamond OG. With that said, it is known to have calming effects with a clear head.

How Will The Black Diamond Strain Of Cannabis Affect Me?

I came across this batch of the Black Diamond strain at VFL Collective in North Hollywood and instantly knew I was in for a treat. The tight, compact flowers were a mixture of emerald green and purple. Even better, they were laden with bright white trichomes and dark orange hairs that gave this batch great jar appeal.

“The Black Diamond strain is best described as relaxing, vibrant, and zone-inducing.”

If it weren’t for the bud structure, one might confuse it with a batch of the Girl Scout Cookies strain based on looks alone.

With that said, this the batch of Black Diamond strain differed from Girl Scout Cookies as far as their effects are concerned. Due to the Blackberry in it’s lineage, the Black Diamond strain affected mind more than body. A short medicating session allowed me to unwind after a long day and put any misfortunes behind me.

Overall, the Black Diamond strain is one that I look forward to encountering again. It was best described as clearheaded and relaxing, with the Diamond OG adding a slight body buzz. Consider this strain if you are looking for something to help with depression, anxiety, or simply to help relieve chronic stress.

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