Grape Cannabis Quencher from The Venice Cookie Co.

Vegan, Gluten-Free Infused Grape Quencher

Grape Cannabis Quencher From The Venice Cookie Co.

The Venice Cookie Co. has a built quite the reputation for themselves in the cannabis industry. They have won a number of awards with their line of products, which includes the The 4.20 Bar, Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade, and Northwest Natural Petite Honey.

With the popularity of their cannabis lemonade drinks, The Venice Cookie Co. decided to expand their selection of infused beverages. If you ask me, I’d say this Grape Cannabis Quencher was a good addition to their product line-up.

Grape Cannabis Quencher: Tasty & Effective

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It’s always great to see edibles manufacturers provide options for those on a special diet, and what first caught my eye about the Grape Cannabis Quencher is that it is vegan and gluten-free. On top of that, The Venice Cookie Co. delivered with a sugar free recipe as well.

According to the Venice Cookie Co. website, the Grape Cannabis Quencher ingredients are as follows: water, stevia, erythritol, lemon juice concentrate, natural grape flavor, natural flavors, natural colors, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and 1.68 grams of medical cannabis (per bottle).

“I began to feel a calming wave come over my mind and body roughly 25 minutes after drinking only half a bottle.”

I knew that I was in for a treat from the first sip of my Grape Cannabis Quencher, when I was hit with a delicious splash of grape (more subtle than normal grape juice). Even better, there was almost no cannabis taste and it was incredibly easy to guzzle down with most meals.

Although the taste was not overpowering, the Grape Cannabis Quencher was clearly potent (it contains 72mg of THC). I began to feel a calming wave come over my mind and body roughly 25 minutes after drinking only half a bottle. Any tension seemed to be released in my muscles and my body began to feel a slight buzzing sensation — a feeling that lasted about an hour and a half.

Overall, I was very happy with The Venice Cookie Company‘s newest addition to their line of infused drinks. It provided me with a great-tasting alternative method for medicating on the move.

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Venice, CA gave birth to The Venice Cookie Company in 2006 when a group of family and friends experimented by adding cannabis to some olive oil. Today, they distribute a variety of infused products to …

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