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DNA Genetics was founded in Amsterdam in 2003. Two breeders from California – Don and Aaron – moved to Amsterdam to escape the hectic, unsafe California cannabis scene.

Realizing premier cannabis was hard to come by, DNA got right to work and have seen rapid success. They have won over 50 international awards since their inception.

In The News

April 03, 2014

The Holy Grail Kush Strain By DNA Genetics
Bred by DNA Genetics, the Holy Grail Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has won a number of awards, including first place at 2011 HIGH Cannabis Cup. It is highly regarded for its distinct OG Kush aroma and flavor. Holy Grail Kush Strain: Kosher Kush X OG #18 I came across this batch of the Holy Grail Kush strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. One glance at the dense flowers, coupled with the heavy pine scent told me that I was in for an experience to remember. DNA Genetics decided to …

March 26, 2014

DNA Genetics’ 707 Headband Strain Is A California Classic
Bred by DNA Genetics, the 707 Headband strain is a classic California strain that was the result of crossing two legendary hybrids. It is best known for it’s powerful, cerebral effects and the dense, compact nugs the strain often produces. 707 Headband Strain: OG Kush X (OG Kush X Sour Diesel) I have come across this strain in the past, but that was quite a few years back and I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it. So, I was particularly excited to see this batch of the 707 Headband strain on my recent trip to SFVDM in …

December 19, 2013

LA Confidential Strain: DNA Genetics Grown By Buds and Roses Collective
The LA Confidential strain was bred by DNA Genetics. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that stems from heirloom genetics. This particular batch was grown by Buds and Roses using Vegamatrix growing techniques. What Are The Genetics Of The LA Confidential Strain? DNA Genetics released The LA Confidential strain in the early 2000’s and it quickly gained a reputation as an award-winning variety of cannabis. It has received a number of honors in the competition circuit, including 3rd …

December 01, 2013

The Tangie Cannabis Strain Is Unforgettable
The Tangie strain is one the most highly sought after strains in the cannabis community right now. It was originally created as a salute to the beloved Tangerine Dream strain that rose to popularity in the mid 1990’s. The Tangie Strain Provides An Unique, Pungent Smell “The Tangie strain took first place for Seed Company Sativa at the 2013 HIGHTIMES Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam.” Bred by Reserva Privada and the DNA Army, the Tangie strain of cannabis is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It was the result of crossing California Orange with a hybrid of the …

October 07, 2013

Lemon OG Kush Cannabis Strain: DNA Genetics Grown By Mr. Marijuana
Bred by DNA Genetics, the Lemon OG Kush cannabis strain is a flavorful hybrid known for its cerebral effects. This particular batch was grown by Mr. Marijuana in the San Fernando Valley. DNA Genetics Crossed The Lemon Skunk & OG Kush Strains The Lemon OG Kush strain was bred by one of the most popular seed companies in the industry, DNA Genetics. Founded in 2003, DNA came to life after two breeders from California moved to Amsterdam to escape the hectic nature of growing on the west coast. They quickly realized that connoisseur-grade cannabis was hard to …

January 10, 2013

Chocolope: Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze Combine Forces
Bred by DNA Genetics, the Chocolope strain has genetics linking back to Chocolate Thai (a Sativa landrace from Thailand) and Cannalope Haze. DNA Genetics’ Chocolope Strain: A Collection Of Hazes The Chocolate Thai in its lineage is known to provide a soaring head-high that could win over a crowd. The problem is that Chocolate Thai, by itself, takes roughly 14 weeks for flowering and even then it will rarely yield well. Thus, the decision to start mixing it with …

November 21, 2012

Kosher Kush Strain Helps Battle Insomnia
The Kosher Kush strain of cannabis, although not actually blessed by a rabbi, provides us with an interesting backstory and memorable medicating experience time and time again. What Are The Genetics For Kosher Kush According to Reserva Privada, Kosher Kush began as a popular LA-based strain that was jokingly referred to as Jew’s Gold. Unsatisfied with the name but in love with the strain, Reserva Privada reached out and acquired a cut from the Jew’s Gold growers and started growing the strain themselves. The DNA crew was impressed by the quality of the strain but knew the name needed a …

November 03, 2012

LA Confidential Strain From DNA Genetics: Winner of 4 Cannabis Cups
The LA Confidential strain was bred by DNA Genetics. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid that stems from heirloom genetics, and I found this particular batch on my recent trip to SFVDM in Van Nuys, CA. LA Confidential Strain: OG LA Affie X Afghani DNA Genetics released The LA Confidential strain in the early 2000′s and it quickly gained a reputation as an award-winning variety of cannabis, finishing in the top-3 for Best Indica two years in a row. As far as genetics …

Awards Won (1) Are we missing any?

2013 US Cannabis Cup (Denver) US Mixed Flowers (Kosher Kush)

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