2013 Dope Industry Awards

Seattle, Washington

About this Event

In 2013, Dope Magazine decided to hold an industry event to honor those in Washington State’s medical cannabis industry. Industry professionals were treated to a banquet, followed by an award ceremony.

Awards were determined by online fan voting and given in a number of categories. Some examples of awards are as follows: Best Cooperative, Best Grower, Best Budtender, and more.

The 2013 Dope Industry Awards were held December 21 at Club Sur in Seattle.

You can learn more about the event at their website: http://dopemagazineonline.com/awards/.

Awards Given (12) Are we missing any?

Best Male Budtender

Best Female Budtender

Best Delivery Service

Best Medicine Selection

Most Charitable

Best Head Shop

Best Atmosphere

Best Edible Selection

Best Edibles

Best New Product

Best Testing Facility

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