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Candy Jack Strain Is A Sweet Tasting And Uplifting J1 Phenotype

Candy Jack Hybrid (what's this?)
  • Candy Jack

Popular in its own right, Candy Jack is a phenotype of the J1 strain. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that took second place at the first US Cannabis Cup in Denver.

What Are The Genetics Of The Candy Jack Cannabis Strain?

Some people believe that the Candy Jack strain is a hybridized cross of the Jack Herer and Cotton Candy strains. However, it is simply a phenotype of the J1 strain.

“The Candy Jack strain was developed for its exceptionally sweet smoke.”

Being a phenotype of the J1 strain, Candy Jack was the result of crossing the famed Jack Herer and Skunk #1 strains. In turn, it leans toward the Sativa end of the spectrum.

Through selective breeding, the Candy Jack strain was developed for its exceptionally sweet smoke. With that said, I would expect its terpene profile to be closer to that of Skunk #1 than Jack Herer.

On that note, the team here at Medical Jane is working behind the scenes with lab testing facilities to show these differences. The compiled data, in coordinance with anecdotal research from the community, will allow us to collect detailed information on each phenotype.

How Will The Candy Jack Strain Of Cannabis Affect Me?

As mentioned, the Candy Jack phenotype of J1 is well known for its sweet taste. With that said, it didn’t take second place at the 2013 US Cannabis Cup in Denver based on palette alone.

“The Candy Jack phenotype may be beneficial for those suffering from depression or ADHD.”

The J1 strain is beloved for its energetic, uplifting effects. It tends to carry a cerebral effect similar to that of most Haze strains, but with an added aspect of tranquility.

The Candy Jack phenotype seems to continue this tradition, while capturing the sweetness of its Skunk #1 lineage.

I found this particular batch of the Candy Jack phenotype on a recent trip to VFL Collective in the North Hollywood area. It was lab tested at 27.9% THC and 0.7% CBD.

While I would have liked to see higher cannabidiol (CBD) numbers, I found smoking this strain to be a helpful mood regulator. With that said, the Candy Jack phenotype may be beneficial for those suffering from depression or ADHD.

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