• Rare Darkness Marijuana Strain
  • Rare Darkness Marijuana Strain

Rare Darkness: Rare Dankness in California

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Rare Darkness Strain: Grape Ape X Rare Dankness #1

For those who may be unaware, Rare Dankness is among the most popular genetics companies in the industry right now. Scott “Moonshine” Reach, the founder of Rare Dankness, is an accomplished breeder and has a number of signature strains under his belt, including Ghost Train Haze #1and Moonshine Haze.

“Scott used his beloved Rare Dankness #1 male to pollinate a Grape Ape plant.”

With that said, one strain that is often found in the lineage of Rare Dankness strains is Rare Dankness #1, which Scott tends to use as a the male in a number of hybrid seed projects. According to him, the strain came to fruition after a series of complex crosses.

First, a cutting of the Ghost OG phenotype was pollinated with Chemdawg pollen that was given to Scott from a friend. In turn, the progeny (resulting strain) was back-crossed with the same Ghost OG. A male from the resulting batch of seeds was then crossed with the famed Triangle Kush pheno (aka Florida OG) to create Rare Dankness #1.

Scott used his beloved Rare Dankness #1 male to pollinate a Grape Ape plant when creating the Rare Darkness strain. With that in mind, it would certainly be categorized as an Indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Rare Darkness Strain: Berry Flavor With A Body Buzz

I came across this batch of Rare Darkness during a trip to Buds & Roses Collective in Studio City. With that said, it is a strain that I have wanted to try for some time now. Seeing as Rare Dankness is based in Colorado, the selection of their strains can be quite limited in the California dispensary scene.

“The heavy Indica influence was obvious after just a few minutes of consumption.”

Nonetheless, this batch of Rare Darkness made it well worth the wait. The flowers were incredibly resinous and had a purple tint to them as a result of the Grape Ape genetics.

More than just jar appeal, the effects I experienced with this batch of Rare Darkness are best described as sedative and analgesic. The heavy Indica influence from Grape Ape and Rare Darkness #1 was obvious after just a few minutes of consumption.

Overall, this is one strain that I look forward to crossing paths with in the future. I found it perfect in times when I need a heavier Indica strain. This is especially true for medicating at night, as which I found it incredibly useful when attempting to fall asleep.

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