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Understanding How Different Strains of Cannabis Produce Different Effects

Cannabis is unique. Each strain is bound to have a range of effects all its own. Of course marijuana strains can be similar in a number of respects but no two strains are completely alike. With that being said, learning how each strain of cannabis might affect you can go a long way towards utilizing the plant’s potential therapeutic benefits.

Understanding How Each Strain Affects You Is Helpful

It should be noted the individual batches of each strain can vary as well. This is due to factors like the plant’s phenotype (observable characteristics) and growth environment.

“Learning how each strain of cannabis might effect you can go a long way towards utilizing the plant’s therapeutic benefits.”

Being mindful of this, one can reasonably presume how a particular batch of medical cannabis might affect them simply by knowing its genetics. This not an exact science, particularly when it comes to predicting the effects of a F1 hybrid like Candy Land (Granddaddy Purp x Girl Scout Cookies).

Nonetheless, a general understanding of a strain’s parents can provide a general idea of what to expect. It typically requires a certain amount of trial and error research for patients to fully understand how different strains affect them. This, of course, can become problematic for the new medical marijuana patient in need of reliable pain relief at different times of day. Finding the right strain for each situation becomes vital.

Reliable Cannabis Strains For New Patients To Consider

In an attempt to help new patients determine what strain is right for them, our team has compiled a short list of classic strains that we consider “go-to strains” for certain situations. They are listed below:

blue dream

The Blue Dream strain is one of the most recognizable varieties of cannabis available today. It is a 50/50 hybrid of consisting of Blueberry and Haze genetics, providing for a mellow relief for body and mind. This combined with Blue Dream‘s appealing aroma and flavor makes it a great option for first time anxiety patients who are unsure what strain is best for them.

green crack

The Green Crackcannabis strain is the epitome of a Sativadominant hybrid. As a result, it has become a staple in the cannabis industry with its racy, energetic effects. The Green Crack strain would be perfect for patients who prefer to medicate in the morning and/or afternoon. In addition to a boost of energy, it tends to help improve one’s level of focus. The effects might be compared to Adderall in that respect.


Unlike the Green Crack strain, the Granddaddy Purp (GDP) strain is beloved for its ability to counter insomnia naturally. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid and is an effective analgesic in addition to it’s ability to induce sleep. It is a great option for patients suffering from chronic painor stress, particularly if planning to medicate at night.

jack herer

Contrastingly, the Hazestrain is notable for its effectiveness in the morning. Like the Green Crack strain, it tends to improve one’s focus and lift their spirits. However, Haze is typically less intense. Due to this, varieties of Haze have been used in a plethora of hybrid seed projects. The Jack Herer strain is a great example of a hybrid with heavy Haze influence.

Note: This list includes some of the most popular strains in the world, which means that most medical cannabis patients are bound to encounter them at some point in time.