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Pennsylvania Starts Medical Marijuana Application Process for Dispensaries, Growers/Processors
Companies vying to win one of Pennsylvania’s 27 coveted medical marijuana dispensary licenses or 12 grower/processor permits can now begin the application process, state officials announced Tuesday. “This is an important step forward in getting this valuable medication to patients who desperately need it.” – Dr. Karen Murphy “We’ve developed a thorough application that ensures the operators of medical marijuana grower/processor and dispensary facilities will meet our strict guidelines. Our goal is to deliver medication safely and responsibly and this application will help us do just that,” Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy said. Those wishing …
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The Big Companies Are Watching Consumer Products Like Hawks… BEWARE!
Everyone deals with trademarks on a daily basis. Trademarks are everywhere. They are in your kitchen, in your bathroom, in newspapers, in magazines, in restaurants, in department stores, on television, on radio — even on benches and buses. As consumers, our purchasing decisions are constantly influenced by trademarks. Everyday each of us encounters hundreds of trademarks. A trip to a grocery store or mall will put you in contact with thousands of trademarks in just one visit. As business people, we need a better understanding of why trademarks are so important to effective commerce and how to protect ourselves. Venice …
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Healthy Hopes: Providing Medical Marijuana & Resources To Patients In Need
There’s no denying that we are making progress in terms of the acceptance of cannabis. More and more states are passing medical marijuana laws, not to mention the few states with adult-use laws on the books. Despite this, there are plenty of people suffering at the hand of prohibition. They are often forced into one of three options: 1.) Rely on potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs, 2.) Break the law and acquire cannabis through their own means, or 3.) Move to a state like Colorado, Washington, or California where they can access cannabis through legal means. Option number 3 seems to …
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Nuvilex And Medical Marijuana Sciences: Furthering Cancer Research
Cancer is a disease that affects nearly everyone in the developed world in some way or another. 1 in 2 men in the United States are predicted to develop cancer in their lifetimes. Some forms of cancer, such as pancreatic and brain cancers, are especially hard to treat with conventional technologies. Nuvilex, a biotechnology corporation based in Maryland, is looking to change that. The Story Of Nuvilex’s Cell-In-A-Box® Technology Nuvilex was …
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Cannaroma: The Werc Shop Unveils Terpene-Enhanced Product Line
As we know, terpenes are compounds found in the essential oils of cannabis that cause its aroma. We’ve discussed the idea of isolating terpenoids and potentially using them to improve the effectiveness of medical marijuana in the past, and a new line of products looks to take things one step further. Cannaroma: A Fusion Of Science And Cannabis Based in Pasadena, CA The Werc Shop was founded in 2010 by …
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Operation Grow4Vets: Helping Veterans Gain Access To Cannabis Medicine
As we’ve discussed before, cannabis has shown promise in the treatment of PTSD. Despite this, it is not considered to be a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. Thanks to the passing of Amendment 64 and the opening of retail cannabis facilities in Colorado earlier this year, veterans have been able to secure access to cannabis in a safe, regulated environment. However, the cost of adult-use cannabis in Colorado is notably higher than medical marijuana and these veterans are left to foot the …
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The Amsterdam Exchange: A Taste Of Amsterdam In Seattle
Although Seattle is drawing ever closer to the opening of adult-use dispensaries, entrepreneurs in the medical cannabis community are still opening new medical access points every day. One of the most anticipated openings this week is that of the Amsterdam Exchange, an Amsterdam-style cannabis market located in the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle. The Amsterdam Exchange is the brainchild of Ryan Kunkel, co-owner of the Have A Heart CC, and Joel Berman. I had a chance to tour the building with the two women in charge of PR, social media, and general information: Jessica Mills and …
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Kush Tourism: Food and Drink Tours Find Their Cannabis Industry Cousin
Retail cannabis for adult-use is coming to Seattle this summer. After being legalized in November 2012, adult-use dispensaries are slotted to open in July or August. With retail licenses limited to 334 for the state, cannabis entrepreneurs are looking for creative ways to stay involved in the industry. For instance, Michael Gordon is the owner and CEO of Kush Tourism, Seattle’s first and only cannabis tour company. Kush Tourism: An Inside Look At The Seattle Cannabis Industry Founded less than a year ago, Kush Tourism is a Seattle-based travel agency specializing in hands-on tours …
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Industry Professionals Push For A New Chapter In Canna-Friendly Advertising
It’s hard to argue that cannabis is making its way to the mainstream. In his recent article detailing the history of cannabis business in America, Kris Krane predicts that recent developments “will lead to the further professionalization of the industry.” Sure enough, this has not been lost on canna-business owners and there has been a notable push for the same benefits as more traditional markets. Access to Banking services for legal cannabis businesses has …
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A Brief History Of Cannabis Business In The United States
Editor’s Note: Kris Krane is a co-founder and Managing Partner of 4Front Advisors. A long-time proponent of cannabis policy reform, he currently serves on the national board of directors for both SSDP and Common Sense for Drug Policy as well. A true accounting of the history of the cannabis industry would have to start 5,000 years ago, since humans have been using, trading, and selling cannabis since at least the days of Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung around 2700 B.C. But for the sake of brevity, let’s take a look …


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