Zulema Lino
I have been using cannabis for over 20 years, Currently I am a lead consultant in the cannabis industry for a major corporation in Las Vegas NV. I enjoy learning daily about cannabis and teaching others as well. I am looking to expand my education in cannabis and meet other like minded individuals as well. I use cannabis as medicine and help educate others on how they can to. I believe in patient advocacy and free will to use a natural plant for medicinal needs.
Zack Fry
I am Zack Fry and I am an independent commercial insurance broker in Denver, Colorado. I partner with Strategic Insurance Services. We Love hard to place business. S.I.S. has specialized for the past 5 years in construction and is now here to insure the Cannabis Industry. Utilizing the relationships we have developed in the construction world, we are now here to fully server entrepreneurs in the cannabis world. Whether you are a grower, a dispensary, a product developer, or someone who serves the cannabis industry, we are here for you.
Zev Jankovic, CPA
Zev specializes in marijuana tax compliance, 280E allocations, tax planning, accounting and payroll for the marijuana industry.
Zach Marburger
Zach Marburger is the CoFounder and CEO of CannaBuild. Formerly Marburger was the CEO of ToppleTrack, a leading digital rights regulatory platform for copyright holders. A strong passion for liberty and compassion is the driving force behind his switch from the tech industry. CannaBuild received their seed round of funding through ArcView Group in May of 2014 and has since been featured in the NY Times, Fast Company and several other prominent publications.
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