Marcus Musante
Founder of MCM Consulting, with a focus on cannabis compliance. Services include inspection of farm/dispensary/facility ahead of the Bureau of Cannabis Compliance’s inspection. Also providing project management consultation to businesses primarily located in Southern California.
Mort Meisner
A dynamic personality with endless energy, Mort has an illustrious history working with a diverse cross section of businesses nationally and internationally, and a 35-year history in the news media. His nationwide contacts are at your disposal through GROW Cannabis Marketing as he helps you and your cannabis business blossom through our PR and Marketing expertise.
Maria Soto
I am a cannabis business professional living in Boulder, Co. Currently starting a non-profit organization called Flower for Hope, who’s mission and vision is to enhance, enrich and inspire the lives of those inflicted by trauma, through the conscious and educated use of cannabis medicine.
Michael Wessel
As a decade long marketing professional and content creator for various brands around the world Michael made his way to Los Angeles in late 2015 to follow his childhood dream of becoming a fashion photographer. In the mix of getting settled and dealing with various personal issues a friend introduced him to the healing power of cannabis. It was pretty much love at first sight. After which Michael dove deep into the cannabis industry using his skills as content creator and marketing professional to help dispensaries and accessory shops get a foothold in the market.
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips is an e-commerce development and operations authority with a solid record of managing multiple perpetually evolving regional and international e-commerce solutions. I’ve spent the past 18 years working with executives, marketing gurus, and 3rd party service and solution providers to grow dreams and strategies into thriving online solutions that have moves the businesses and missions forward.
Mary Goyak
Mary Goyak is a seasoned Registered Nurse with invasive cardiac specialty transitioned to operations and strategic leader-cannabusiness focus. Proud Oaksterdam Alumni and member of American Cannabis Nurses Association, Mary aims to drive support for amendment 2 in Florida and educate colleges and healthcare professionals in cannabis therapeutics. She supports whole plant therapy and is passionate about patients having a choice of nature vs pharmaceuticals.
Michele Brooke
Founder of Brooke Law Group
Michele Brooke, founder of Brooke Law Group, has a wide range of legal experience based on over ten years of law firm experience. In addition to a wide variety of legal practice areas, Brooke Law Group practices in the specialty area of what is now being called “Cannabusiness” law; providing California cannabusiness entrepreneurs with a wide range of business and consulting services and litigation services, when necessary. Michele Brooke is a conscientious professional, dedicated to providing excellent legal services at a competitive price. Attorney Brooke is a member of the Pasadena Bar Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association,, …
Melissa Fults
Melissa Fults is currently the Program Director for the non-profit organization, Arkansans for Compassionate Care.
Michael Julian
Michael trained under his father, a former law enforcement officer and the founder of National Business Investigations, Ron Julian. National Business Investigations, Inc (NBI) founded in 1967, is a full service investigations firm focused on corporate, legal, insurance and personal investigations conducting business intelligence, theft, personal and criminal background investigations, insurance and financial investigations and fraud. Michael majored in Administration of Justice in college where he was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Order of Academic Excellence. After growing up in the family business and assisting his father in investigations during and after high school, he began working …
Matthew Healy
Matthew Healy is a VP of Sales for the West for NFS Leasing. Originally from Boston, Matthew received his BA in Economics at Providence College and MBA with concentration in Finance from Babson College ’s Olin Graduate School of Management. Matthew has built the ‘cannabis vertical’ for NFS Leasing and works with customers and vendors in many areas including extraction machines, lighting and other cannabis related equipment.
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