George Mouratidis
I work as a full-time cannabis copywriter and journalist. I am a regular editor for publications such as International Highlife, HowToGrowMarijuana and Seedsman. I am also the co-writer of the book Ganja Hustle; a hit beginner cannabis grow guide for the USA and Canada markets. My mission is to help people understand the many benefits of the marijuana plant and how it can help improve all aspects of their lives. Through my work and research, I aim to reshape the public image of cannabis and its users, fight misconceptions and promote the benefits of growing and using this amazing plant.
Greg Boser
Greg is a veteran digital marketing professional and the current director of organic growth for Boulder Colorado based Honest Hemp.
Gregory L. Smith
Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School in Chicago, and a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University. He completed residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Since leaving the US Army with the rank of Major, Doctor Smith has been in primary care practice in California, Georgia and Florida for the past 25 years. He first trained on use of medical cannabis in California in 2000, and has made medical cannabis and CBD oil part of his practice since that time. Dr. Smith is an avid writer, having published …
George Estrada
Co-Founder of Kenai Kush Company
George Estrada is the co-founder of the Kenai Kush Company.
Garyn Angel
Garyn Angel is CEO of®, and inventor of the MagicalButter machine, the world’s most award winning botanical Extractor™, for making herbal edibles at the touch of a button. Angel was named to CNBC NEXT List of visionary business leaders for his work on Legal Marijuana. He is an entrepreneur of the first order, with a suite of companies in the cannabis space: nextCBD™. produces cannabis products rich in CBD, the most widely useful medical molecule in the plant; nextCANNABIS™, the Business Incubator for the Green Rush, helps cannabis-related companies gain access to the resources they need to succeed.
Geoff Johnson
Geoff Johnson is the convener in Scotland for United Kingdom’s political party CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol) We are fighting for a Royal Commission to review the UK’s drug laws relating to cannabis. We aim to bring forward medicinal and recreational use in a regulated market. My hope is to close knit the cannabis community spreading contacts and knowledge worldwide, uniting cannabis supporters and producing an unstoppable movement that can no longer be suppressed.
Geoff Noller
Geoff Noller is an independent medical anthropologist and research consultant based in Dunedin, Aotearoa/New Zealand. In 2007 he completed his PhD at Otago University’s Department of Psychological Medicine. His dissertation examined the use of cannabis in New Zealand as a cultural practise (Cannabis in New Zealand: Use, users and policy). Dr Noller has a professional interest in the use of psychotropic drugs, particularly cannabis. He undertakes independent research projects, and project and programme management for organisations associated with drug use and users, as well as analyses for government and the private sector . He also has an interest in drug …
Gregory Rutchik
Business founders need advisors. You have questions about branding your extract or strain, protecting your niche, and building a successful business. Do you want a lawyer, as advisor, that works with entrepreneurs setting up your business, negotiating contracts and helping you avoid disputes? Should we focus on what form of business you will take and how you and your partners will work together? What will happen if you guys need to separate? 20 year transactional and litigation counsel. Extensively quoted in Significant experience with medical marijuana, tech transactions, ip and partnership litigation and defamation/right of privacy/right of publicity.
Gonen Keren
Gonen Keren works for Cannabisa Natural Medicine and deals with a great variety of services in the field of medical cannabis in Israel. Cannabisa’s team is composed of volunteers and workers, people ofprofession in varied fields which study and specialize in medical cannabis among other fields of expertise. Cannabisa aspire to advance and improve the accessibility of this medicine to the growing numbers of patients who needs it. We work in order to minimize the relative part of the cost that the patients need to pay and will work in order to make it subsidized by the Israeli’s Healthcare …
Green Thumb Danny
Green Thumb Danny is a AAA medical cannabis farmer based in California. He is a part of the famed Cali Connection collective, and has won a number of awards for his solvent extractions over the years.
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