William Hunter
Freelance content designer, content writer, content marketing consultant, SEO (search engine optimization) expert and digital marketer focused on the medical marijuana industry. I help companies in the MMJ / 420 industry launch, grow and earn more revenue. I have a Master’s degree in computer science / engineering. I’m a gung-ho MMJ advocate, educator and volunteer in the fight against cancer and other illnesses. I’m into health / fitness and am a technology nerd keeping up with all the latest in wearables, computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and just about anything else technology related.
Weltha Barrett
I am a Reiki Healer and advocate of Medical Marijuana. I work along with my son to provide the purest Cannabinoid Oil, elixirs, and cannabutters available anywhere on the planet. We use only 99% pure alcohol in our extractions which creates a sweetness to all our elixirs. We don’t believe in using any petroleum products. Our MJ is 100% ORGANIC and lovingly grown in a sterile environment. The quality of our products has been tested and acclaimed as Ultra Pure which is evident in the taste and we are proud to be able to offer such potent medicine.
Waxy Willy
Based in southern California, Waxy Willy is a prop 215 compliant extraction artist. He produces full-loop N-butane extracts for distribution through a number of dispensaries throughout the state under the name “Nuthin But Nectar.” Waxy Willy got his start in the San Diego area and worked to make a name for himself through branding, attending events, and crafting the cleanest extracts possible.
William Dolphin
William Dolphin is the Managing Editor for Americans for Safe Access (ASA). William Dolphin is responsible for ASA’s newsletters and other print publications, such as the booklets on treating specific conditions, state legal manuals, and activist training materials. He has been part of ASA’s communications team since 2003, when he joined the organization after contributing to a media relations campaign for author Ed Rosenthal’s landmark federal trial that generated coverage by the New York Times and major networks. His work as a writer and editor has ranged from think tanks and city governments to universities and publishers, and he has …
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