Ned Barnett
Ned Barnett is the founder and lead lawyer at The Law Offices of Ned Barnett in Houston, Texas. Here he represents individuals in all areas of criminal defense including drug and marijuana charges, DWI defense, sex crimes, violent crimes, federal charges, and weapons offenses.
Nicco Reggente
Founder and CEO of WoahStork
Nicco Reggente is the founder and CEO of WoahStork. Nicco has earned two bachelor degrees from NYU and is currently pursuing a Ph.D at UCLA with a concentration in machine learning and fMRI. He is also founder of Actual Investments, LLC.
Nikola Lozanov, MD
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my practice. I am a family medicine physician focusing on the well-being of the whole family. My interest is in preventative care with a holistic approach to managing and treating acute and chronic medical conditions, as well as being fully trained and certified in functional medicine. I am excited about the opportunity to become part of your family and welcome you to my practice.
Nelson Jimenez
Born and raised in So Cal, Nelson Jimenez is the founder of the Hardware Factory Store, which is a retailer of vac ovens and other professional equipment.
Nika Solomon
Nika Solomon works at Cafe Serendipity, a turnkey national franchise builder in the US that is poised to emerge as a leading brand in recreational and medical cannabis industry. I am interested to connect with good people in the industry nationwide.
Nathaniel Morris
Nate grew up in Canada where he first began farming and researching medicinal cannabis. In his early twenties, he moved to California where he made a career researching and breeding cannabis, as well as other medicinal plants. He is best known for his work developing new medical cannabis / hemp technologies and varietals. His focus is on the lesser known cannabinoids like CBD, THCV, CBDV, as well as cannabinoid acids. He also farms a rare plant (Justicia Gendarussa) that is currently completing clinical trials as a male birth control. He has worked as a sustainable agriculture consultant, specializing in permaculture …
Nanette Porter
Nanette Porter served the corporate legal community for over 20 years as a trademark paralegal specialist. The role combined global research and asset management. Unfortunately, Nanette’s medical condition worsened and was forced to leave the career she loved. As a state-licensed medical cannabis patient, she now wants to give back to the industry by sharing her knowledge and wisdom with entrepreneurs and start-ups in the industry. Nanette has a degree in Paralegal Studies from Hagerstown Business College. She was the co-founder, past president and member of the York County Paralegal Association. She was also very active in the International Trademark …
Nick “Organick” Saba
Nick “Organick” Saba is the CEO and Founder of High Class Concentrates in Seattle, WA. He is also the owner of the High Class Studio, an audio recording studio intended for vocalists and hip-hop artists.
Nadav Eyal
Co-Founder & CEO of Eybna Technologies
Nadav Eyal is the Co-founder & CEO at Eybna Technologies.
Nicholas DiDodo
Nicholas DiDodo is the founder of Da Dodo Nest, retailing the latest vape pens and oil rigs, and all the BHO/Concentrate Tools you will ever need, brought to you by Happy Daddy Products and Skilletools. DiDodo has his own BHO production equipment and spent thousands of dollars mastering the art of Shatter. He is also in the process of starting up some paid instructional seminars on BHO production and safety.
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