Dr. Thomas Bellavia, MD
Licensed Physician of MMP-MD
Based in Bergen County, NJ (Hasbrouck Heights). Dr. Bellavia is committed to providing his patients the best course of care possible, Dr. Bellavia strives to help patients find a natural relief by enabling their access to cannabis medicine. He was introduced to medical marijuana originally through his patients, observing their quality of life dramatically increase over only a few weeks of cannabis use. Seeking to help his patients requesting medical cannabis’ aid, and especially wanting to wean patients off addictions to pain medication, he decided to offer medical marijuana certifications out of his family practice.
Dr. Richard Silver
Dr. Richard Silver is the Medical Director of Medical Marijuana Physicians of Ohio. MMPOhio is a healthcare group with doctors certified to recommend medical marijuana, and specialize in qualifying adult patients to obtain the Medical Marijuana Card in Cleveland, Ohio.
David G Ostrow MD PhD LFAPA
Dr Ostrow comes to the field of Cannabinoid therapeutics research and product development from his training in lipid biochemistry, psychopharmacology, and behavioral/prevention aspects of HIV/AIDS. In terms of HIV/AIDS, started the Chicago AIDS Task Force (1982) and helped organize the first and still ongoing natural history study of HIV infection (the MACS). There he focused on the role of recreational drugs in HIV transmission and disease progression. That research established that Cannabis was the only category of widely used drugs that did not facilitate HIV transmission or accelerate immunodeficiency development, and was reported to lessen symptoms among his HIV patients.
Dr. Daniel Stein
Dr. Daniel P. Stein is a recognized expert in conventional, alternative and integrative medicine. His background in neurology and 25 years of practice experience makes him uniquely qualified to create informed treatment plans. Dr. Stein completed his fellowship training at the prestigious National Institute of Health in Immunology of Neuromuscular Disease, completing his neurology residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and internal medicine internship at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland. In addition to his clinical practice. Dr. Stein remains active in teaching and holds a Faculty Appointment as Associate Professor at the FSU College of medicine. Neurology of Cannabis …
Dr. Stuart Titus
Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D., is an industry innovator who has been involved in the growth of many companies in the cannabis industry and started his relationship with Medical Marijuana Inc. by becoming its seventh investor. Titus’ is also a Wall Street veteran, where he was a bond trader for 11 years. Dr. Titus earned his undergraduate degree at Rollins College, and his Ph.D. from the Open International University. Dr. Titus has been involved in the development and investment of several industry-leading cannabis and industrial hemp businesses during his most recent career. Dr. Titus is the co-founder and President of General …
Dr. James Goodrich
Dr. James T. Goodrich is a board certified internist practicing in New York City for 28 years. He is licensed to practice in New York, Florida and California. Dr. Goodrich is an attending physician at NYU Langone Medical Center, Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Bellevue Hospital Center. Dr. Goodrich is a passionate and caring physician who approaches treating his patients with both years of medical experience and open minded creativity. He truly looks at his patients as a whole and with the understanding that all aspects of life affect our health.
Dr. Constance McLaughlin-Miley
Connie McLaughlin-Miley, Pharm.D., M.B.A. is a 20+ year clinician with a background in clinical research, health economics, epidemiology and business. She utilizes the increasing amount of scientific, peer-reviewed literature on medical cannabis, that had become available in recent years, to guide patient-specific therapy. This growing body of literature helps to provide new insights into the beneficial effects of cannabis in many conditions. Dr. McLaughlin-Miley heads Sweet Green Apothecary, a medical cooperative on the Central Coast of California and offers consultation services as well as expert formulation and compounding to the community. Sweet Green is experienced working with patients having a …
Dave Jones
Dave Jones is the CEO of Therapeutic Herbs, Teas, and Beans Co., a company that will enter the medical marijuana business by opening 15 new stores in the state of Pennsylvania, to retail medical marijuana b …
Dave Bratcher
Dave Bratcher is the Owner of New World Seedbank who has been an advocate of cannabis and hemp for 48 years.
Dave Bratcher
I have been an advocate of cannabis and hemp for 48 years. I even said in 1969 it would be legal by 1976. Boy was I mistaken. I gave a speech at a college in 74′ on benefits and production of the plant. I even said the compounds might have cancer curing potential in that speech. I have developed numerous strains over the decades. I keep a landrace seed bank and have a very interesting genetic pool. Looking for an opportunity in the industry.
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