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“Jack’s Law” Allows Colorado Students to Receive Medical Marijuana at School
Colorado Gov John Hickenlooper signed “Jack’s Law“ on Monday which allow students to receive medical marijuana treatments on school property. The new law allows any preschool, primary or secondary student in Colorado, who holds a valid recommendation for medical marijuana, to receive non-smokable cannabis treatments at school, on the bus or at a school sponsored event. A designated caregiver (usually a parent or private caregiver) must bring the medication to the student, administer it without creating a distraction, and then remove all excess medication. Students themselves will continue to be banned from possessing cannabis in any form …
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Edipure Issues Second Voluntary Product Recall in 5 Weeks
Edipure, a marijuana infused products provider (MIP) based in Colorado, has issued a recall of 7,770 packages of marijuana infused edibles this week. According to the Denver Department of Environmental Health the edibles being recalled “tested positive for one or more of the following pesticides that the Colorado Department of Agriculture has determined cannot be used legally on marijuana in Colorado: Myclobutanil, Avermectin, and Imidacloprid.” These pesticides, known more commonly by brand names such as Eagle 20 and AVID, are banned for use on inhaled substances due partially to the toxic chemicals released from them when they are heated …
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Class Action Lawsuit Against Pot Grower Highlights Pesticide Safety
It was only a matter of time. A class-action lawsuit was filed on October 5 in Denver District Court against LivWell, Inc., its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, joint venturers, and other legal associations or entities owned or controlled by it. LivWell operates eleven (11) retail marijuana dispensaries and is one of the largest cannabis grow facilities in the world. Colorado residents Brandan Flores and Brandie Larrabee are the main plaintiffs. The suit strikes at the heart of pesticide use in cultivating cannabis, specifically Eagle® brand fungicide. LivWell Marijuana Plants Quarantined Earlier This Year The Plaintiffs challenge LivWell’s …
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Denver: Indo Expo Trade Show, “Green is the New Gold”
People with new and innovative business ideas are quickly joining the marijuana movement, making legal cannabis the nation’s fastest growing industry. If you have been following the cannabis industry intently, chances are fairly good that have noticed more and more canna-business events sprouting up on a daily basis, all over the country. It’s almost impossible to keep track of them all, let alone figure out which ones are worth your time and energy as a cannabis start-up. One of these events, the Indo Expo, is looking to expand on its previous …
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The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo is Coming to Denver
The cannabis industry is booming and Colorado is its epicenter (until California gets its act together and legalizes the plant for adult-use). For the second year, the largest cannabis trade association in the United States is hosting a business summit in Denver. Exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees will discuss and make their plans to take the cannabis industry by storm and push cannabis reform in 2015 and beyond. The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will host the event who expect over 100 exhibitors and 2,000 attendees. The summit will serve as …
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Children’s Hospital in Colorado to Conduct 3-Year Study on Cannabis for Epilepsy
AURORA, COLORADO – During this spring, Dr. Kelly Knupp, a pediatric epilepsy specialist, and her colleagues will be conducting a three-year, $500,000 observational study at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado. Three-Year Cannabis Study Set To Begin This Spring There has been a lot of recent buzz surrounding the success of medical marijuana in the treatment of childhood epilepsy.Many parents are claiming that medical marijuana has significantly reduced both their children’s seizures frequency and intensity. Because of this, families with children like Charlotte …
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Colorado Spends $5.7 Million For Responsible Cannabis Education in “Good to Know” Campaign
DENVER, COLORADO – Colorado is starting a brand new “Good to Know” campaign this month– a campaign that the state of Colorado is spending $5.7 million on, in order to educate its citizens and tourists all about the responsible use of cannabis, as well as to adhere to all of Colorado’s laws and regulations. As careful regulation continues to be the main focus with the state legalization experiments, the “Good to Know” campaign is planning to spread across airwaves, newspapers, and the Internet this month, with a website already up and running at Colorado Begins “Good …
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Introducing The Indo Expo Show. Networking. Connecting. Supporting.
The Indo Expo Show is a full-spectrum event held in Denver, Colorado, with exhibitors featuring products and services in the following categories: Cultivation, New Technologies, Smoke, Lifestyle, Education, Industrial Hemp, and Industry Services. Admission Is Free For Qualified Retailers, Buyers & Trade Professionals Hundreds of brands and product lines will be showcased representing industry related apparel, jewelry, smoke accessories, equipment, supplies and tools for harvesting and processing, lighting, nutrients, and more. Companies and services such as colleges, security firms, real estate firms, evaluation and consulting services, as well as the non-profit and educational sector will be represented. This two day …
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Cannabis Goes Corporate: The First National Cannabis Business Summit
Editor’s Note: This article was written and photos provided by Matthew J. Cote – a marketing consultant that helps brands illuminate the ever-progressing conversation about medical cannabis and cannabinoid therapy. Hundreds of cannabis industrialists filled the bustling auditorium: entrepreneurs, investors, thought-leaders, and capitalists stood eager to discuss industry challenges and their brilliant solutions at the first National Cannabis Business Summit in Denver, Colorado. The National Cannabis Industries Association (NCIA) has organized several professional events, but this was the first one geared to a national discussion in a state with legal cannabis already …
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The Floodgates Open For Cannabis Businesses In Colorado
DENVER, CO — At the turn of the new year, Colorado became the first state to allow cannabis to be retailed for adult-use. Licenses were previously available only to applicants operating in the medical marijuana market, but that all changed this week. Cannabis Business Licenses Open To All Applicants In Colorado After six months of retail cannabis in Colorado, the state could expect to see an increase in “big money players” making their way into the market. The state has opened the gates a bit wider to allow those who have never operated a medical marijuana facility to apply for …


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