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Master Yoda Strain: A Heavy-Hitting Hybrid From The Kush Connection

Master Yoda Hybrid (what's this?)

Made popular by the Kush Connection, the Master Yoda strain is a powerful hybrid that is best known for its sedative effects. It has won various awards since hitting the Southern California dispensary scene a few years ago.

Master Yoda Strain: OG Kush X Master Kush

As the story goes, the Master Yoda strain originated in Florida before eventually migrating to Southern California. It is there that it began to build some serious buzz.

The Kush Connection has entered the Master Yoda strain in a number of competitions (the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, The Secret Cup, etc.) and came away with awards nearly every time.

Of course, this makes sense when you consider the old-school genetics of the Master Yoda strain. It is said to be the result of crossing two variations of the OG Kush and Master Kush strains, which explains why it can pack such a powerful punch when grown correctly.

How Will The Master Yoda Strain Affect Me?

I had the distinct pleasure of grabbing a batch of the Master Yoda strain during the recent Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. The Kush Connection booth was fully represented with appearances from Nikka T and Master Yoda himself; their flower didn’t disappoint either.

In fact, I was so impressed with their work that I made sure to scoop a batch of their beautiful representation of the Girl Scout Cookies strain in addition to the classic Master Yoda strain.

“I suggest medicating with the Master Yoda strain during the evening hours. It can provide a slight mind warp, a noticeable body buzz, and natural pain relief.”

This batch of the Master Yoda strain definitely leaned towards the OG end of the spectrum. It had a noticeable pine aroma that was met with a hint of earthiness. While enjoyable, it would be difficult for me to pick the Master Yoda strain out of a lineup based on smell alone.

That being said, my thoughts on the effects of the Master Yoda strain are another story altogether; it was more than memorable. I felt any amount of stress disappear within minutes of smoking this strain and a deep body buzz continued to build as time went on. I actually found it to be so relaxing that I was tempted to take a short nap.

It’s because of this that I suggest medicating with the Master Yoda strain during the evening hours. It can provide a slight mind warp, a noticeable body buzz, and natural pain relief. It may be beneficial for those suffering from chronic stress, PTSD, depression, neuropathic pain, and more.

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