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The Church OG Strain Is A Heavy OG Kush Phenotype

The Church OG strain is a phenotype of OG Kush that can be found in dispensaries throughout southern California. It tends to have heavy effects that are best reserved for medicating in the evening.

The Church OG Strain Has A Murky Genetic Lineage

The origins of the OG Kush strain have been debated for years. There are a number of different suggestions as its genetics, but it can be near impossible to find a consensus answer.

With that said, there are a number of OG Kush phenotypes floating around today. We recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Pine OG and Louis XIII phenotypes as well, but I found this batch of Church OG to be a bit more enjoyable than each of them. It should be noted that this is most likely due to different grow environments, as opposed to one phenotype being “better” than the others.

As we know, each OG Kush phenotype will have a slightly different terpene profile. It has been suggested that these differences could be responsible for a number of subtle differences between each batch of cannabis.

To gain a better understanding of this interaction, Medical Jane is working behind the scenes with breeders and lab testing facilities to document these differences and what they mean for patients.

How Will The Church OG Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

This batch of the Church OG phenotype is slightly different than any other batch of OG that I’ve encountered in the past. It seemed to have a traditionally gassy OG aroma with slightly cool undertones.

“Smoking about 0.5 gram of the Church OG strain seemed to relieve any built-up stress while keeping my anxiety at bay.”

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