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Greenbridge Corporate Counsel: Business Law For The Legal Cannabis Industry

As cannabis becomes more accepted in the mainstream (i.e. Weed 2), investors are looking for ways to make their mark on the developing industry. But as the saying goes, “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems.”

With the increasing flow of dollars into the legal cannabis industry, entrepreneurs are doing something that seemed out of the question a few years ago – hiring corporate lawyers. Greenbridge Corporate Counsel is among the leading law firms in the country advising lawful medical cannabis enterprises on the matters of business law.

Greenbridge Walks The Line Between Activism, Industry Advocacy

Prior to founding Greendbridge Corporate Counsel, Khurshid Khoja had already established himself as a successful San Francisco lawyer with a focus on renewable energy transactions. With Harborside Health Center and The ArcView Group already committed as the firm’s anchoring clients, he ventured out on his own in order to use his business lawyering skills to help tackle federal prohibition.

Khoja believes that building a professional and legally compliant cannabis industry is the best way to dismantle cannabis prohibition. I would have to agree, and it’s great to see the work that Greenbridge has done to help entrepreneurs weather the legal storm that comes with starting a cannabis-related business.

“Someone is going to work with [big tobacco], but I don’t think it needs to be me.” – Khurshid Khoja

Nonetheless, he says that Greenbridge Corporate Counsel is looking to expand its reach in the months ahead.

With a physical presence in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle, the firm is working to establish a foothold as legal consultants in emerging markets like Nevada Illinois.

Regarding his work in emerging markets, Mr. Khoja says he is most excited to have a presence in his home state of Illinois, where the firm is working with the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association to offer input to state agencies on the development of medical marijuana regulations.

company logosThe Greenbridge Principal says he views his work as a mix of activism, business advocacy, and business law. Accordingly, he is a founding member of the California Cannabis Industry Association and the Illinois Cannabis Industry Association, as well as a regular donor to Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), NORML, and Americans for Safe Access, among other civil rights and drug policy reform advocacy organizations.

Due to this perspective, Khoja says that Greenbridge is selective about the businesses they represent, and have a pronounce preference for working with social entrepreneurs with an activist pedigree. So it’s no surprise that they would be extremely hesitant to work with big tobacco companies, or others who would prioritize profits over patient welfare or quality control.

“Someone is going to work with them, but I don’t think it needs to be me,” he explains.

Protect Your Business With Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

With seven attorneys licensed in five states, Greenbridge Corporal Counsel has built an impressive resume as a cannabis-friendly business law firm. Khoja is rooted in his belief that cannabis prohibition, and the Drug War generally, facilitates widespread violations of human and civil rights, which is what drove him to found the firm. “I wanted my work to reflect my values,” he explains.

Greenbridge offers expert counsel on a wide variety of transactional law matters, including: business entity formation and governance, intellectual property protection, licensing and sales, regulatory compliance, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, start-up financing and securities law compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and a wide array of commercial contracts.

“Greenbridge Corporate Counsel has worked with movement and industry pioneers like Ed Rosenthal, Debby Goldsberry, The ArcView Group, Harborside Health Center, the Emerald Growers Association, and others.”

Greenbridge represents clientele from across all sectors in the legal cannabis industry. The firm works with non-profit advocacy organizations, medical marijuana collectives, consulting firms, publishing companies, consumer electronics manufacturers, infused product producers, agricultural equipment manufacturers, software companies, trade organizations, and others.

Greenbridge Corporate Counsel has worked with movement and industry pioneers like Ed Rosenthal, Debby Goldsberry, The ArcView Group, Harborside Health Center, the Emerald Growers Association, and others. Their clients have offered glowing testimonials about Khoja and the Greenbridge team.

“Khurshid is a rare breed of attorney,” says Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group. He goes on to say that Mr. Khoja “is in this for the long-haul and he treats people accordingly. I highly recommend having him in your corner for corporate legal matters.”

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Greenbridge Corporate Counsel San Francisco, California

Greenbridge Corporate Counsel is a business law firm based in San Francisco. It was founded as a platform for making premium legal services accessible to start-ups and established companies working toward environmentally conscious and politically …

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Khurshid Khoja Principal of Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Khurshid Khoja is Principal at Greenbridge Corporate Counsel. Prior to founding Greenbridge, Khurshid practiced corporate and transactional law at Thelen LLP and Reed Smith LLP, where he gained extensive legal and commercial experience advising …


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