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Minnesota Lawmaker Wants to Strip Powers from Health Commissioner
When lawmakers in Minnesota enacted one of the most tightly regulated medical marijuana programs in the country in 2014, they included a limited list of qualifying conditions, but allowed the state’s health commissioner, who oversees the program, to add additional ailments as needed. Lawmakers also made Minnesota the first state to explicitly ban smoking marijuana, outlining specific delivery methods in the legislation. However, the law allowed the health commissioner to authorize additional medication methods for patients. Now, one Republican lawmaker, former House Majority Leader Rep. Matt Dean (R-Dellwood), has filed legislation that would strip the commissioner of those abilities. Rep.
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PTSD Added as Qualifying Condition for Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program
Minnesota will soon allow those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) access to medical marijuana under the state’s medical cannabis program. Petitioners in Minnesota pushed a total of nine new health conditions for consideration this year including PTSD, schizophrenia, acquired absence of limb (phantom limb syndrome), arthritis, autism, depression, diabetes, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and insomnia. Dr. Ed Ehlinger, the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, made the announcement on Thursday. “This decision was made after careful deliberation of available evidence, consultation with experts in the field and public input,” Commissioner Ehlinger said in a statement. “While the process of …
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Autism, PTSD Top List of Conditions Being Considered for Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Program
The Minnesota Department of Health is currently considering adding several qualifying conditions to the state’s medical marijuana program including autism and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “The Department has held two meetings to consider conditions thus far, with a third meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 22.” Under Minnesota’s medical marijuana law, which was passed in 2014 and went into effect last year, patients can petition the Department every year to request additional conditions be considered. Petitions are accepted during a two month window each year, starting June 1 and ending July 31. A seven-member review panel then holds public …
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Medical Marijuana Startup Vireo Raising $31.5M to Expand into More States
Medical marijuana venture Vireo Health is seeking $31.5 million in equity financing as it prepares to expand into more states. According to CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley, the Minneapolis-based parent company of Minnesota Medical Solutions (MinnMed) is close to reeling in $6 million of that amount. As of today, Vireo’s staff has a headcount of nearly 50 employees but expects its staff to expand ten-fold in the upcoming years. Vireo is largely targeting individual investors as opposed to institutional funds, an approach it used to bankroll its original launch in Minnesota and New York. “Thing are going very well,” Kingsley …
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Sickle Cell Disease And Cannabis: Human Trials Set To Begin In California Next Month
Researchers at the University of Minnesota are currently investigating whether medical marijuana can help treat chronic pain resulting from sickle cell disease. They will relocate to California to commence human trials next month. What Is Sickle Cell Disease? Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin in our blood, causing red blood cells to form in a crescent shape. These cells are typically rounded, much like a donut without a hole in the middle. “Sickle cell disease is …
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Minnesota Conference Committee Reaches Compromise On Medical Marijuana Bill
ST. PAUL, MINN – A conference committee containing members from the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Senate reached a compromise on a medical marijuana bill Thursday. Gov. Dayton Expected To Sign Minnesota Compromise Bill The compromise will allow residents with qualifying conditions access to medical marijuana in certain forms. The bill outlines a number of qualifying conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, …
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Minnesota Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Senate, Advances To House
ST. PAUL. MN — On Tuesday, a medical marijuana compromise bill was approved by the Minnesota State Senate. This compromise will allow for legal access to medical marijuana for patients with specific medical conditions under unique and strict regulations. The bill now advances to the House of Representatives. “Patients here are just as deserving as those in the other 21 states that have adopted effective medical marijuana laws.” – Heather Azzi According to Heather Azzi, Political Director for Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, Minnesota is one step closer to adopting an effective medical marijuana program.
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Medical Marijuana Bill Advances With Approval From Minnesota Senate Committee
ST. PAUL, MN – Friday marked an important day for medical marijuana advocates and patients in need as the Minnesota Senate Committee on Health, Human Services and Housing approved SF 1641 on a 7-3 bipartisan vote. Two more Senate committees will now consider the bill within the next week to determine the overall outcome. First Minnesota Senate Committee Approves SF 1641 If passed, SF 1641 would allow patients who suffer from serious illnesses including cancer, …
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Poll: Majority Of Minnesota Voters In Favor Of Medical Marijuana
SAINT PAUL, MN — Continuing the momentum in favor of cannabis policy reform, a poll released Monday by the Star Tribune reveals that a slight majority of Minnesota voters would support medical marijuana legislation. Poll Reveals Support For Medical Marijuana In Minnesota According to the poll results, 51 percent of respondents said they support legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in Minnesota. This is compared to 41 percent of respondents were in opposition. “51 percent of respondents said they support …


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