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Several Bills Filed to Improve New Hampshire’s Medical Marijuana Program
Nearly a dozen new bills have been filed in New Hampshire that are designed to vastly improve the state’s medical marijuana program. Changes include everything from adding additional qualifying health conditions to allowing patients to grow their own cannabis in the comfort of their own home. Below you’ll find a quick rundown of what is being considered in Concord. Home Cultivation in New Hampshire House Bill 472, co-sponsored by four Democrats and one Republican, would allow registered patients and caregivers to cultivate limited amounts of marijuana. The bill allows for two mature cannabis plants and 12 immature …
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New Hampshire’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens
Nearly three years after lawmakers in New Hampshire approved legislation to allow medical marijuana for qualified patients, the Granite State’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened to patients this weekend. Located in Plymouth, Sanctuary ATC received their registration certificate to begin operations on Friday, according to a statement from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which oversees the state’s medical marijuana program. Later that day, the operators of Sanctuary ATC announced they would open for business on Saturday morning at 11:00 am. “We will, of course, continue pushing for further …
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Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Introduced In New Hampshire
CONCORD, NH – New Hampshire lawmakers will consider a decriminalization bill proposed on January 26, 2015. If passed, criminal penalties will be removed for those caught with possession of small amounts of cannabis. House Bill 618 Introduced In New Hampshire Sponsored by Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket) and a bipartisan group of seven co-sponsors, House Bill 618 (HB 618) aims to decriminalize cannabis once-and-for-all in the state of New Hampshire – the only New England state yet to remove criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of cannabis. Looking back to March of 2014, the Granite State …
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Report Shows Consequences Of New Hampshire Cannabis Convictions
CONCORD, NH – On Tuesday, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) released a report indicating the collateral consequences that come with cannabis convictions in the state of New Hampshire. The report highlights the troubles associated with New Hampshire’s current laws regarding cannabis possession, and how conviction can drastically affect an individual’s opportunity for academics, employment, and even housing. Marijuana Policy Project Releases ‘Marked for Life’ Report Despite the overwhelming 215-92 approval of HB 1625, which stands to decriminalize cannabis, from the New Hampshire …
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Poll Shows Majority Of New Hampshire Adults In Favor Of Legalization, Decriminalization
MANCHESTER, N.H. – An annual WMUR Granite State Poll released by the University of New Hampshire on Wednesday indicates that the majority of New Hampshire residents (55%) support legalizing and regulating cannabis similarly to alcohol. This year’s WMUR Granite State Poll conducted by the UNH Survey Center has shown an increase from 48% in February of 2013 to 55% of New Hampshire residents now supporting the legalization for possession of small amounts of cannabis in New Hampshire. They interviewed 510 randomly-selected people between March 24 and April 1. Annual WMUR Poll Shows Increased Support For …
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New Hampshire House Committee Votes To Decriminalize Cannabis
CONCORD, NH — Just one day after cannabis was decriminalized in Washington, DC, the New Hampshire House of Representatives Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted 12-5 Tuesday in favor of passing similar legislation in The Granite State. “There is no good reason to continue criminalizing people for possessing marijuana.” – Matt Simon With bipartisan support from eight co-sponsors including Rep. Adam Schroadter (R-Newmarket) and Sen. Jeff Woodburn (D-Dalton), House Bill 1625 would remove criminal penalties for possessing small amounts of cannabis. “There is no good reason to continue criminalizing people for …
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New Hampshire House Committee Votes To Allow Home Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana
CONCORD, NH — As New Hampshire awaits the implementation of their medical marijuana program, House Committee on Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs passed a measure Monday that would allow allow for more immediate access. The measure, which was introduced by Rep. Donald “Ted” Wright (R-Tuftonboro), passed through the committee in a 13-3 vote. House Committee Approves Home Cultivation In New Hampshire As written, House Bill 1622 would legalize the home cultivation of up to two plants and seedlings by qualifying patients or their designated caregivers. In order to do so they must first …
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New Hampshire House Of Representatives Approves Adult-Use Cannabis Initiative
CONCORD, NH — For the first time in US history, a legislative chamber has passed a vote in support of ending cannabis prohibition. The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved HB 192 with a 170-162 decision Wednesday. “This measure will take marijuana cultivation and sales out of the uncontrolled underground market and place them in the hands of licensed, taxpaying businesses.” – Matt Simon The measure, which is modeled after Colorado’s Amendment 64 and I-502 in Washington, will regulate cannabis in a similar manner to alcohol. Adults would be permitted to possess, consume, and cultivate limited amounts of …
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New Hampshire Legislators Consider New Adult-Use Cannabis Policy
CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire House of Representatives is considering the legalization of cannabis for adult-use. They will put the issue to a vote just one week after the commencement of retail cannabis sales in Colorado, as activists hope to keep the momentum in their favor. Offering a brief overview of New Hampshire’s House Bill 492 is Matt Simon, Legislative Analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). “Those in favor of HB 492 propose a $30 per ounce tax on retail cannabis …
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New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan Signs MMJ Bill
New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan officially signed a medical marijuana bill into law Tuesday making state the 19th to do so in the country. The bill, HB 573, was approved by the state Senate back in May, bringing the state one step closer to being the last state in New England to approve a medical marijuana law. The new law, which took effect with the governor’s signature, allows patients with cancer and other qualifying conditions to possess up to two ounces of cannabis from nonprofit alternative treatment centers. Matt Simon, a New Hampshire legislative analyst for …


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