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Appeals Court Says “NO” to Feds: Funds Are Not To Be Spent on Prosecuting Those in Compliance with State Medical Marijuana Laws
Medical marijuana patients and supporters are celebrating a well-deserved win this week. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled unanimously that the Department of Justice is prohibited from spending funds to prosecute people in medical marijuana states if they are in compliance with state laws. Justice Diarmuid O’Scannlain rendered the decision on behalf of the panel in United States v McIntosh et al. – F.3d – (9th Cir. Aug. 16, 2016): “By officially permitting certain conduct, state law provides for non-prosecution of individuals who engage in such conduct. If the …
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Jurors Reach Verdict in ‘Kettle Falls Five’ Marijuana Case
In August 2012, the beginning of a tragic ordeal started for Larry Harvey and his family. Their home was initially raided by state authorities, who seized part of their cannabis crop so that the remaining amount would comply with state medicinal cannabis laws. The family thought they were already within the legal limit. However, federal authorities raided the home a week later, seizing the remaining plants, raw cannabis, a car, firearms, and more. The family was then charged with numerous federal offenses, including growing, possessing, and distributing cannabis. The Kettle Falls Five The now famous “Kettle Falls …
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Seattle HIGH TIMES 2014 Cannabis Cup Recap And Winners Announced
The Seattle HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup was a scene of cannabis activists, connoisseurs, and eager recreational users and medical patients. The heat was unexpected but the sun was shining and even the cops were smiling and waving to us. Chelsey with RasBoss even said that one cop stopped her on the side of the road to ask where she got her rasta Missmaryjaneco. leggings, so he could get his wife a pair. HIGH TIMES Holds 2014 Cannabis Cup In Seattle With four different 420 locations spread out in the corner parking lots of the …
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Washington’s Retail Cannabis Market Flourishes In Its Opening Week
SEATTLE, WA — Washington made history on July 8th, 2014 as it became the second state to uphold a retail cannabis industry for adult-use. An Industry Created Nearly Overnight In Washington State Washington voters passed Initiative 502 back in 2012, which allowed them to sell, regulate, and tax cannabis for adults 21 and over. About 7,000 applications came in to the Washington Liquor Control Board, the state appointed entity to regulate the new initiative. “There has still been no license issued to a marijuana processor (hash makers, edibles manufacturers, etc.).” In the time since, less than 100 …
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Samich Truck: First Ever Cannabis-Infused Food Truck Opens In Washington State
BLACK DIAMOND, WA — After offering a sneak peak at the Denver Cannabis Cup earlier this year, Magical Butter will officially debut their cannabis-infused food truck this weekend in Washington State. Magical Butter: Making Cannabis Infusions Easy Magical Butter is a Seattle-based company that was founded by Garyn Angel in 2011 when his friend’s battle with Crohn’s disease became unbearable, leaving him unable to smoke the medical marijuana that had worked for years. They are best known for their line of MagicalButter machines, …
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Washington State Representatives Vote To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
SPOKANE, WA — The Washington House of Representatives voted 67 to 29 Monday to approve a ban on medical marijuana collectives in the state, a move that would relegate patients to adult-use retail facilities when they open this year. As previously reported, H.B. 2149 would place much tighter restrictions on medical marijuana in Washington State as well. The measure was introduced by Representatives Eileen Cody (D) in January. Representatives Reuven Carlyle (D), Norm Johnson (R), Laurie Jinkins (D), Dawn Morrell (D), and Sharon Tomiko Santos (D) have …
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Privateer Holdings To Lease Cannabis Warehouses Throughout Washington State
Company Plans To Lease Warehouses To Canna-Business Owners The State of Washington began accepting business license applications a few weeks ago. According to reports, the state has already received more than 1,300 applications, reinforcing the thought that legal cannabis could mean big business in Washington next year. Accordingly, a plethora of companies have attempted to position themselves atop of the industry through networking, strategic relationships, and deliberate branding. The budding cannabis industry has received a great deal of investor interest as well.
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New Medical Marijuana Regulations Proposed In Washington
Washington State Agencies Recommend Tighter Restrictions Representatives from the Washington State Liquor Control Board, Department of Revenue, and Department of Health released their draft recommendations for medical marijuana on Monday. The group’s proposal involves lowering the amount of cannabis that patients are allowed to possess and restricts qualifying patient conditions more tightly. Further, the suggestions would force medical marijuana patients to obtain their cannabis from locations licensed under Washington’s recreational marijuana law. As we know, Washington voters approved the use, and sale, of recreational marijuana nearly a year ago and the Liquor Control …
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Washington State Approves Recreational Marijuana Rules
The Liquor Control Board Adopted New Cannabis Laws Washington State became the second US state to adopt rules governing the legal cannabis market on Wednesday. The Washington State Liquor Control Board approved the rules after 10 months of research and public input, according to a press release. The newly adopted laws in Washington State will allow for 334 retail locations across the state, including 21 in Seattle. Kings County will house the most locations, as 72 dispensaries will be permitted in it’s jurisdiction. Prospective business owners may begin …
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The First Annual Secret Cup: Pacific Northwest Winners Announced
The Secret Cup Was In Seattle This Weekend This year, the Secret Cup decided to try a new format. Instead of holding a number of individual competitions across the US, the founders instituted the ground rules for a national tournament; the first of 5 regional competitions, the Pacific Northwest Secret Cup took place this weekend. The top 3 finishers will be invited to compete in Denver at the end of the year for the chance at being crowned this years concentrate champion. The first annual Pacific Northwest Secret Cup regional …


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